Guerrilla Radio
Japanese Name ゲリラ・ラジオ
English Name Gerira rajio
User Luciano Camargo
Namesake Guerrilla Radio(Rage Against The Machine Song)
Manga Debut Ch. X: The chief is coming!
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range E(2m)
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential E
Guerrilla Radio(ゲリラ・ラジオ; Gerira rajio) is the Stand of Luciano Camargo, featured in the upcoming fanfiction GioJo's Bizzare Adventure: Vortice Argento.


Guerrilla Radio is a tall and broad humaonid Stand which figure vaguely resembles its user. It takes the shape of a vaguely robotic jester with black skin and silver plates serving as clothes, long neck and eyeless face decorated with white lines, a stripped angled hat on top of it.


Guerrilla Radio has no signs of a independent personality, following Luciano's orders without question. It does however, shown signs of bloodlust during battle, as it's line will glow during fights. It has its own Stand cry which is loudly shouting "RAAAAAAGEEEE...!!" and ending it with a single "Wotah!"


  • Super strength and durability: Guerrilla Radio is an extremely strong and durable Stand, shown when he could easily counter and overpower the likes of Dirty Mind and protect the user against truck hits and bullets without much damage. Its level power is also demonstrated when its stated it can easily defeat any Stand of the members of Amore.
  • Super Accuracy: Despite its size, Guerrilla Radio can hold objects with extreme delicacy and care, which Giovanna compares to a hand of a neurosurgeon, able to take off a bullet from a wound without harming the tissues, and throw a needle through a narrow crack on a single shot.
  • Light reflection/deflection control: Guerrilla Radio's signature ability which allows it to control the light reflection/deflection of anything it touches. By punching a certain target multiple times, it'll have total control over the reflection of light on it, making it possible to create mirage-like effects on surfaces, make something invisible and even cause temporary blindness when it targets the eyes.
    • Invisibility: Using its powers, Guerrilla Radio can make its user, itself and other objects for an extended period of time. However, it can only cover a limited length, and the target must stay immobile, otherwise the rays of light will reflect normally, revealing the location of said target,


  • Images based on the Black Clown from the Soul eater series.