Helter Skelter
Japanese Name ヘアッター・スケアッター
English Name Seek Shelter (Localized)
User Jocelyn Joestar
Namesake Helter Skelter (Song by The Beatles)
Manga Debut JJAA: SDC, Chapter 5 "Helter Skelter Part 1"
Anime Debut JJAA: SDC, Episode 5 "Helter Skelter"
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range D
Durability C
Precision B
Developmental Potential B
Helter Skelter (ヘアッター・スケアッター "Heattaa Sukeattaa") is the Stand of Jocelyn Joestar, the protagonist of Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.


Helter Skelter is a tall, robotic and feminine Stand, its head resembles a shark with headlight eyes and a pair of animal ears, its shoulder and hip pads are studded at the edges and have stars painted on them. Helter Skelter's lower legs resemble torn bell-bottom pants and its feet look like metallic high heels.


Helter Skelter has a female voice, it lets out grunts and "ORA"s when breaking through something or attacking.


Enhanced Abilities: Self-explanatory, much like all close range Stands, Helter Skelter is very strong, but not as strong as Star Platinum or Rebel Rebel.

Metal Manipulation: Helter Skelter is able to bend and control anything made out of or that contains metal, such as gold, silver and iron. That naturally includes necklaces, cellphones and many other things.


  • "Helter Skelter" is also the name of a manga (NSFW), a movie and a character in the game No More Heroes, for the Nintendo Wii.