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Honghui Lok
Japanese Name ラック・ホングホゥイ
Romanized Name Lok Honghui
English Name Hanghui Lok (Viz Media)
Stand Kung Fu Fighting
Age 18
Birthday 3 March
Chinese Zodiac Pisces
Gender Male
Height 169 cm.
Weight 51 kg.
Blood Type A
Nationality Taiwanese
Hair Color Black/White
Eye Color Red/Grey
Favorite Color Ivory
Favorite Movie Kung Fury
Favorite Food Unknown
Favorite Actor Chow Yun-fat
Favorite Animal Wyvern
Favorite Musician Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobbies Live-Action Roleplaying
Anime Debut Episode ?
Voice Actor Unknown
The only power that means anything is the kind you glean from the fists of others.


Honghui Lok (ラック・ホングホゥイ Lok Honghui?) is a core ally featured in Standpunk Underground.

He is introduced as a Taiwanese Stand fighter, newly-recruited into the sport by Dante Inferiro Orlandrius. Interested in battling Seiji Kamijou and his allies, Honghui accosted them and battled the young man's Daft Punk with his own StandKung Fu Fighting. Though their battle ended on an inconclusive note, Honghui was impressed enough that he agreed to lend them his own strength, if only for the purpose of seeing how the young Joestar would grow and develop from that point on.



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