I Want You
English Name I'll Change You (English Localization)
User Hayato Kawajiri
Namesake I Want You (Savage Garden song)
Destructive Power E
Speed A
Range B
Durability A
Precision B
Developmental Potential B

I Want You (usually shortened as IWY) is the Stand of Hayato Kawajiri, featured in Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life.

Appearance Edit

IWY's appearence is that of a pink, energy-made bow and arrow, with the bow having a small sight, changing its positition to match Hayato's eyes level.

Abilities Edit

Change Appearance: IWY's ability is to change other's apearance; while looking through the sight, multiple options (showed like those of the computers) will appear on Hayato's mind, then, Hayato will pick some of the features of the target he wants to change, after picking all the options he wants to change, he has to pierce the target, after that, the features of the target will change to those Hayato picked.

This abilty can also be used on another way: IWY can show Hayato if the appearance of the target was already changed, if this happens, Hayato has the option to return the target to its original appearance, Hayato usually does this to return his changed targets to its original form.

IWY's power has no limit, it can change from small features, like the hairstyle, to the entire body of the target.

Trivia Edit

  • Hayato named his Stand I Want You because he wanted a Stand.

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