Hey, at least that construction site can a fill a hole in my tummy.

Danny hinting something about his Stand's powers.

My Stand is much tougher than every known material no loser can break them with simple machinery!!
Iron Maiden
Japanese Name 鉄の乙女(アイアンメイデン)
User Daniel McArthur
Namesake Iron Maiden (British heavy metal band)
Destructive Power A
Speed D
Range D
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential C
Iron Maiden (鉄の乙女(アイアンメイデン) Aian Meiden) is the Stand of Daniel McArthur, primarily featured in JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

Appearance & Personality



  • Tremendous Strength:
  • Mobile Fortress:
  • Metallic Devourer: Iron Maiden's existence bestowed upon its user the ability to consume anything that's metallic, be it steel or iron, or the metallic components of an object. When devouring, these actually restore Danny's stamina by a large amount and regardless of what metallic object he gobbles down, he absorbs a significant quantity of calcium into his bones which plays as an important factor to Iron Maiden's secondary ability. However, Danny must be careful when eating metallic items that are electronics since this power doesn't spare him from experiencing electrocution should he eat a still plugged-in electronic. Iron Maiden seems to deny its master ingesting anything made of platinum, as it is highly purified.
  • Calcium Construction: Iron Maiden's secondary ability is applied mostly within Danny's bones, in which he can force out weapons or objects using the calcium stored in his bones after consuming metallic objects, as mentioned above, or simply ingesting foods that are rich in calcium. Alternatively, Iron Maiden can take control of the calcium within the earth, which he can force out spikes large enough to pierce through enemy defenses or with having a blunt end, send them high into the sky.
    • Mercury Control: Iron Maiden can transmute the calcium into a silvery substance in the form of mercury. When attacking, the Stand can send a few drops of the liquid within the bloodstream that doesn't immediately poisons them, however the choice of implementing so depends on Danny's decision, but can gain control over the one with the spilled mercury inside their bloodstream.


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