JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険:デジタルブレークダウン Jojo No Kimyō Na Bōken: Dejitaru Burēkudaun) is a fan-made part that serves as a distant, non-canon sequel to Digimon Tamers.

Set in the year of 2030. The series features twins Juno & Riku Makino as they are suddenly roped into a whimsical yet violent misadventure of running into seemingly odd and weird encounters in and throughout the city of London as they solve the riddle of why Stand-wielding Digimon had turned London as their prime target.

The series is primarily set in London, specifically, in a town called Brownstone, although other locations such as Liverpool, Cornwall, Edinburgh, and Manchester are also featured.

It has a prequel story entitled Origins: The Story Before Then which took place roughly 17 years before the events of Digital Breakdown and having the twins' father as the main protagonist of that story.

Synopsis Edit

The story follows on an near-endless onslaught of violent Digimon surfacing, one by one, in the city of London, having been ordered to hunt down the man known to them as The Butcher for he had brought unprecedented turmoil throughout the Digital World in performing genocidal acts of eliminating Digimon. As long he still has even a single breath in him, the attacks will continue on. However those Digimon given to execute the task given simply used this as an excuse to do whatever they want within the Real World, bringing forth devastation to the millions living.

Strolling along the roads of the city are twins Juno & Riku, 16-year-old foreign exchange students from Shinjuku currently taking classes at Brownstone High School, who are now crucially involved in this cruel chapter in their lives as a mysterious, hooded Digimon saved them from a mysterious Digimon, who also told them that there is someone living in the city who's responsible for the terrible events happening back at the Digital World. Soon after, the twins began to fully acknowledge a mysterious power, the embodiments of their fighting spirits, called a Stand after a stray Arrow hit them on two separate occasions. Initially, they used their newfound abilities to repel wild Digimon away from the city, along with the help of a few friends, until Stand-wielding humans made their onscreen debut, typically starting to cause chaos in the capital.

Meanwhile in the shadows, The Butcher had taken notice of two teenagers who happen to be the children of a well-known, veteran Digimon Tamer, have been given information about his genocidal actions against the Digital World. He would have killed them if weren't for the fact he is very occupied with his work as invaluable agent to the MI5, thus whenever he had the free time, the figure wandered throughout the city with an ancient relic on his hands to search for individuals worthy enough to be blessed the relic gives them after being pierced by it.

With the full help of their friends, their mother, and a mysterious Digimon turned partner, the siblings will look forward on how will their lives go in this bizarre adventure.

Characters & Stands Edit

Human Characters Edit

Character Name Stand Name Relation
Juno Makino Kings & Queens Main Protagonist
Riku Makino Beautiful Lie Main Protagonist
Peggy Steel Songbird Ally
Theodore Buckingham Back In Black Ally (Previously Neutral)
Ruki Makino Moon River Mentor/Ally
Chen Lee Rabbit Fighter Ally
Timothy Kendrick Alligator Sky Ally
Edgar Velasquez Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Neutral/Ally
Cecilia Garfunkel Silent Sound Neutral (Previously Villain)
Sarah Angela Sweet Dark Angel Ally
Chester Crawling Villain
Izzy Godsong Entropy Villain
Bill The Bellboy Hey Ya! Neutral
Jessie Belle Star Star Villain
Pat Mengroup Crazy Train Villain
Alistair Starkey King of Broken Hearts Villain
Captain Crush Bounce Villain
Claudius Cambridge The Suffering Villain
Hazel Kendrick N/A Ally
Athena Steel N/A Ally
Maximilian Steel BLACKSTAR Mentor/Ally
Ankou Harvester of Sorrows Neutral
Jet Jet Neutral (Previously Ally)
Thomas Particle Man Neutral
Gabriel S. Hughes Sugar Magick Major Antagonist
Charlie Coverdale Killer Queen Main Antagonist

Digimon Characters Edit

Name Partner/Tamer Stand Relation
Tech (TechGaomon) N/A Ally
Huskmon Chen Lee N/A Ally
Renamon Ruki Makino N/A Ally
Calumon N/A

Charlie Coverdale



(Used as a vessel for Bites The Dust)

Kamemon Timothy Kendrick

Hazel Kendick

N/A Ally
Seraphimon N/A N/A Ally
Lambda (Lilithmon) N/A Snaggletooth Ally (Previously Villain)
Rash (Vilemon) N/A Analog Child Villain
Ogre (Fugamon) N/A All-Star Villain
ShadowGarurumon N/A N/A Villain
Angus (Boltmon) N/A High Voltage Villain
Soul (ViralNumemon) N/A Man-Eater Villain
P. Glamour (MetalEtemon) N/A Monkey Wrench Villain
Pyro (DarkMeramon) N/A Black Fire Villain
Felisia (BlackGatomon) N/A New Pussycat Villain
Thrask (Dinohumon) N/A Dinosaur Villain
Rapture (Dinorexmon) N/A Headknocker Villain
Undine (Requiemon) N/A Smoke On The Water Villain
Alpha (Zealotmon) N/A Purple Haze Villain
Delta (Sepulchramon) N/A Hellraiser Villain
Epsilon (GraveDramon) N/A Rainmaker Villain
Kye (Tombmon) N/A Ghost Rider In The Sky Villain
Omicron (Malevomon) N/A Avenged Sevenfold Villain

Trivia Edit

  • If I were to describe this, it would be: Diamond is Unbreakable meets Digimon meets Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, dialogue-wise.
  • The animation of the series mixes the styles used in the Digimon Adventure Tri. films and anime adaptation of Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • This is the first time a Digimon-related media feature explicit gore and violence, profane language. and crude humor, staying true to the mature aspects of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise.
  • This series also features the return of a well-known character from the Digimon franchise: Ruki Makino

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