JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution (ジョジョの次元間冒険:スターバースト ボリューション JoJo No Kansetsu Bōken: Sutabasuto Reboruyushon) is an anime-inspired series based on the hit manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and a non-canon sequel to Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. Unlike its predecessor, the series has been rated PG for its intense action scenes and darker themes featured as the story progresses.

The series has drawn significant influence from anime shows such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill for its fluidly high-octane action sequences, and an art style highly inspired by theirs.


In the blazing summer of 2030, an uncanny and epic adventure follows Jocelyn Diaz and her companions as they take part in this crazy rollercoaster of a grand-scaled journey crossing between international and interdimensional borders while running into hostile oddballs and savage monsters from various dimensions to free Mewni and the other banished worlds from the hands of a forgotten nemesis; KAMI.


Character Name Stand Relation
Jocelyn Diaz Stardemon Main Protagonist
Joaquin Diaz Plant Life Ally
Marco Diaz Shooting Star Ally
Charlotte Gainsborough Xanadu Ally
Daniel McArthur Iron Maiden Ally
Anton Alexandrov Blue Deimos Ally (Previously Villain)
Alyssa Alexandrov Red Phobos Ally (Previously Villain)
Rose Nightglade Artemis Ally (Previously Neutral/Villain)
Green Bean Moros Villain
Kahuna Kyle Triton Villain
Chan Wu Terra Villain
Madame Magenta Persephone Villain
Costello Milagro Cupid Villain
Mikoto Musashi Ωmega Man Villain
Levi Wonder Maroon V Villain
Crazy Neil Soldier Villain
Cosmo Bolan T.Rex Villain
Aladdin Zayne Kingdom Come Villain
Khione de Olympia Zeus Villain
Geryon Buffalo Ares Villain
Satchmo Atlantis Poseidon Villain
Pallas Enkeladus Athena Villain
Mars Talos Hephaestus Villain
Alectryon Underworld Hades Villain
Hyou Bacchus Dionysus Villain
Apollo Chariot Hyperion Villain
Cherub Lockheart Aphrodite Villain
Aeon Speedrunner Mercury Villain
Theseus Parthenon Made In Heaven Villain
Kami Timesplicer EL MUNDO Main Antagonist
Sol The World Villain

Featured Dimensions

NOTE: Letters in Italic indicate the dimensions that have been banished.

  • Mewni
  • Cosmos Rock
  • Underworld
  • Aja
  • Thalassa
  • Perses
  • Alastor
  • Nyx
  • Endless Marsh
  • Midsummer Station

More to be added soon...


  • Unlike most parts, this in particular heavily references or allude more on Greek Mythology over famous songs/bands/albums.
  • According to Kami, Stands having abilities that are related to the laws of the universe, such as time and space, can do whatever they want regardless of what dimension they are in without interference from those who are governing those laws (I.E: EL MUNDO's space-time distortion can't be undone nor controlled by Omnitraxus Prime.)
  • Normally Stands cannot be seen by non-Stand users, however due to the magical fantasy setting of the series, there are certain spells that can bypass the "Stands can only be seen by other Stand users" rule, although there's no single spell that can bypass the "Stands can be hurt by other Stands" rule.
  • The author describes this as Stardust Crusaders meets Kingdom Hearts meets Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.