Joan Joestar
Japanese Name ジョアン ジョースター
Romanized Name Joan Josuta
English Name Joan Joestar
Birth Name Joanna Joestar
Namesake None
Stand Behind Blue Eyes
Horse Ray
Age 19
Birthday October 13th
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Relatives Will Joestar (father);

Margaret Joestar (mother); Margaret Joestar II (daughter)

Seiyuu Megumi Han
Joanna Joestar, more commonly reffered as Joan Joestar or her nickname JoJo, is the main protagonist of Golden Ecstasy. Initially a daughter of travellers setting foot on the wild west, Joan's father Will Joestar was murdered by the outlaw Sentenza, and since she swore revenge, being later adopted and helped by the bounty hunter Adamo Zeppeli.

As a result of intense rage felt by seeing her parents getting murdered, Joan developed a Stand, Behind Blue Eyes.



Abilities and PowersEdit



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