You can't make the main dish a masterpiece if you skip out one of the ingredients. Perfection is key in having respect and praise from those snobby rich dudes, sis.
Normally, I would refuse such a bogus claim but since mom is technically stuck inside her own dimension, count me in this adventure.
Joaquin Diaz
Birth Name Joaquin Diego Marco Butterfly-Diaz
Stand Plant Life
Age 19
Birthday July 5
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Nationality American
Race Half-Human & Half-Mewman
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Prussian Blue
Favorite Movie Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
Favorite Food Chicken Teriyaki
Favorite Actor Jack Black
Favorite Animal Lynx
Favorite Musician Owl City
Occupation Working Student
Hobbies Digital Artistry


Relatives Marco Diaz (Father)

Star Butterfly (Mother)

Jocelyn Diaz (Younger Sister)

Seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese Dub)
Voice Actor Will Friedle
Joaquin Diaz is a major character and a core ally prominently featured in JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

The eldest son of the Diaz family and older brother of Jocelyn. Before he joined the crew in the journey to free Mewni, he was a working student struggling to get an approval of the head of a big-time animation works as an animator.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Joaquin stands out as a striking resemblance to his father when he was around his age. Maintaining an appealingly slender build, unlike his dad, he has fair complexion in the same manner as his mother, brown eyes reflecting the extent of his artistic genius, and a mole on his right cheek. He always sport a pair of slick glasses supported by a blue frame.

Primary Attire Edit


Personality Edit


Powers & Abilities Edit

Plant Life Edit

Joaquin's Stand creates animated drawings with no limit from scratch that will obey him regardless of how absurd his issued commands can be. Plant Life can make symbols appear on a target's skin where the effect related to that symbol occurs until Joaquin rubs it off.

Skilled ArtistEdit

As what his Stand suggests, Joaquin has shown to have great talent when it comes to art, most evident in his wall filled with his sketches, drawings, and paintings. He's never without a notebook and pencil with him to take a rough sketch something that intrigues him. This level of artistic intuition is reflected on how he makes use of Plant Life, swiftly drawing along the air to make his illustrations come to life in a matter of seconds.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Edit

Joaquin is knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat, after being taught by his dad about the fundamentals of karate. Due to the fact his Stand is mediocre in raw power, he would fight alongside any of his animated drawings.

Cooking Edit

As the group's resident cook to provide meals during their travels, Joaquin has latent proficiency in the culinary arts. He's known to be resourceful in handling the ingredients of a particular dish, meaning that he can always improvise the recipe of utilizing ingredients that he considers them as suitable alternatives. Jocelyn describes his brother's cooking as "god-tier, like it was served directly from a 5-star hotel."

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