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Jocelyn Cujoh
Japanese Name ジョスリン・クウジョウ

空条如攻臨 (rendered in kanji)

Namesake Jocelyn (Kevin Hearn song)
Stand Part Of Me
Age 16
Birthday March 8th, 1999
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Gender Female
Height 138 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type B
Nationality American
Hair Color Bi-colored
Occupation Student
Relatives Irene Cujoh (sister)

Luciano Annakiss (brother-in-law)
Valeria Annakiss (sister-in-law)
Stephen Cujoh (birth father)
Deborah Cujoh (mother)
Joseph Joestar (great-greatgrandfather)
The Green Baby (alternate universe counterpart)
Jolyne Cujoh (sister's counterpart)
Narisco Anasui (brother-in-law's counterpart)
Jotaro Kujo (birth father's counterpart)

Seiyuu Natsumi Takamori
Voice Actor Leah Clark

Jocelyn Cujoh is the main protagonist of After the End.

She lives in the parallel world created by Enrico Pucci's death, as the younger sister of Jolyne's counterpart, Irene. After she is suspended from school due to her Stand powers, she is tasked by Emporio Alnino to distribute Memory and Stand Discs throughout her town. Along the way, she discovers the truth about her world-and her own alternate identity.


Jocelyn is a short but athletically-built girl. She has bold eyes with a slight red hue. Her ears are slightly pointed in a manner she describes as "kinda-sorta elf ears". Like her big sister, she has a braid that wraps around her head, coming out as a small ponytail in the back. Underneath the braid, she has short, feathery hair and bangs that frame her face. Her bangs are streaked using hair chalk. On the back of her neck, she has a small, star-shaped mark, and on her right shoulder, she has a small, shoddily-done tattoo (which was supposed to be a leaf). Part of her left thumb (the part that corresponds to DIO's bone) is darker colored than the rest of her skin.

Her main outfit is meant to hint at her Stand's ability-taking pieces of things and making them her own. It consists of several different multi-colored scraps of fabric stitched together to form a spaghetti-strapped tank top, a plaid dress shirt that alternates between different colors (which she often wears wrapped around her waist), ripped jeans/shorts with assorted patches, and either mismatched flip-flops or multicolored sneakers.


Jocelyn is an outgoing and hot-blooded tomboy who doesn't take no for an answer. She can be overconfident and has a cocky overall attitude, often taunting her foes. She is foul-mouthed and shrewd, and is not above using her Stand's powers to make a quick buck or get revenge on those who cross her. She is not one to bow down to anyone, not even the authorities, unless she faces the consequence of death. By her own admission, she only gets into fights she believes she has a chance of winning.

However, Jocelyn does have her strong points. On several occasions, she has proven herself to be a resourceful girl who can come up with battle plans at a moment's notice. With a love for adrenaline, she is unafraid to take risks, even if her life is on the line. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family, and has been shown to be willing to sacrifice herself for them. She's proven to be a supportive and kind person to those who earn her friendship-but she never completely loses her overall nature. Over the course of the series, she develops a sense of honor and more of a purpose, aware that all that has happened is partially her fault.



Jocelyn is the second-born child of the late Stephen Cujoh, an aquarist at the Georgia Aquarium, and Deborah Cujoh, who is a technician at the Phillips Arena. Her older sister, Irene, was around 6 or 7 when she was born, and the duo shared a close bond throughout their childhood. This bond might have been triggered by the fact that her father died a few days after her birth (said by Audrey to be the price he had to pay to bring someone new into the recreated world). This coincidence would haunt Jocelyn for most of her life, and she secretly blamed herself for his death.

Her mother remarried, to an electrician named Grant, and eventually her sister got married as well, to Luciano Anakiss. At her sister's wedding, Jocelyn had her first encounter with Emporio. He gave her two Stand Disks-Star Platinum and Stone Free-and told her not to use them unless it was necessary. Shortly after the wedding, she had an encounter with Diavolo-one of the few others to survive the universal reset-and uses Star Platinum's Stand Disk to "kill" him.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Part of Me: Jocelyn's Stand, which allows her to transform her body parts into different animals, people, or Stands. She eventually discovers she swap body parts with anyone in her vicinity.

Star Platinum: Initially Jotaro Kujo's Stand. One of the strongest Stands in the series, Star Platinum has great strength, speed, and precision. Jocelyn has used Star Platinum only a few times-once as a child to get rid of Diavolo, once against Ataris, since she chose Jotaro as her player character, and once at the Kennedy Space Center thanks to its Stand Disk.

Green Baby Mode: As discovered by Andrew Dior, when Jocelyn hears the 14 words in rapid succession, her instincts from her first incarnation will kick in and she will transform into a monstrous version of herself. In this form, she cannot use her Stand, but she gains great physical strength, speed, and stamina, as well as some of Dio's vampire abilities (she has been seen using Space Ripper Stingy Eyes), an innate ability to use the Ripple, and the ability to fuse with others temporarily. Initially, Jocelyn was unaware of what she was doing in this form and frequently went berserk, but she managed to train herself into controlling it.



  • Jocelyn could be considered the Joseph to Johnny's Jonathan and Josuke 8's Jotaro. Like him, she is very confrontational, cocky, and quick to anger. However, she prefers a more direct approach to battle, as compared to Joseph's deceit-based strategies.
  • Although Jocelyn is officially the counterpart of the Green Baby, that also makes her the counterpart of DIO (a part of his soul was reborn in the baby), Pucci (who fused with the baby), C-Moon (the resultant Stand), Jonathan Joestar (since it was his bone that gave birth to the baby, as noted by Audrey), and 38 convicts of Green Dolphin Street Jail (whose souls were absorbed to give birth to the baby).
    • As such, she has by far the most alternate counterparts among the cast of After the End.
  • Unlike her sister's counterpart, Jocelyn doesn't mind being called "JoJo", and in fact seems to prefer it over her birth name.
  • Jocelyn shares her Japanese voice actor with kid Jotaro.

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