Jody Joestar
Jody joestar
English Name Jody Joestar
Stand Switchfoot
Age 17 (Part 3); 36 (Part 4)
Birthday April 1st, 1916
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Blood Type B
Nationality Canadian
Hair Color Brown
Favorite Color Orange
Favorite Musician Bill Monroe
Occupation High School Student (Part 3); D.A.S.F.O Captain (Part 4 Onwards)
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

Jody Joestar is the grandson of Joshua Joestar and the main protagonist of Jojo's Odd Adventure, Part 3: Killing Storm.


At the beginning of his journey, Jody was not very outgoing but yet very kind. Throughout his adventure, however, he has grown out of his shell and has become a confident, friendly and calm teenager who will protect his friends to the very end. He was dependable and loyal in the beginning, but at the end of his journey it was much more obvious how he was these things.


See: Switchfoot

Jody's Stand is a long range stand called Switchfoot which has medium destructive power and durability but amazing speed, range and accuracy. The main power of his Stand is to switch things. He usually uses this in two ways.

  • Property Switching: Switchfoot's main power is to take a property of one thing and apply it to another thing. For example, he could take the heaviness of a cannonball and put it on a feather. Therefore, that feather would be heavy as a cannonball. This makes for some interesting situations.
  • Placement Switching: Switchfoot can also switch the location of items within a certain range. Lets say Object 1 is by the water fountain and Object 2 is by the swimming pool, Switchfoot can automatically make O1 at the swimming pool and O2 at the water fountain. These objects have to be withing 150 feet of Switchfoot, however, for this to work.

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