Phantom Blood is the first part of JJAA, it is a retelling of the original Phantom Blood, except with a couple of changes (Stands already exist, different names, etc.)

Story Edit

Jorge & Diego Edit


Rivalry Edit


The Magician & The Lover Edit


Characters Edit

Name Stand Role
Jorge Joestar Star Platinum Main Protagonist
Johnathan Edward Speedwagon Black Magician Ally
Mariah Zeppeli Violet Lovers Ally
Elena Pendleton N/A Ally
Noriaki Kashino Blue Hierophant Ally (Previously Villain)
Mario Leppardo (Alt) Strength Villain
Fabio da Vinci Hermit Villain
Gareth Anthrax (Alt) Hanged Man Villain
Fang Quan Golden Empress Villain
Yu Quan (Alt) Emperor Villain
Ayano Kashino Perfume Priestess Villain
Slick Rick The Reaper Villain
Diego Brando The World Main Antagonist

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