Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Vento Aureo is the fifth part of Jojo's Alternate Adventure. It is the alternate version of the original vento Aureo, obviously.

It follows Armani Brando's son, Giomar Giovanna as he joins the italian gang known as Passione and tries to defeat their boss.

Story Edit

Giogio's Bizarre Adventure Edit

In 2015, Florence, Italy, Matsuzaki Hirose arrives at the airport and looks for the car Jomei rented for her to use around, a boy introduces himself as Giomar and offers to drive her to a hotel, instead, he steals her car and runs away, leaving her to find a taxi. Giomar makes it to an alleyway where his personal gang, Regno, have their base of operation. Giomar and his team hop into the stolen car and drive to a casino, where they meet a weird guy with a bowl haircut, torn light purple suit and a red and black tie, the man gets up and kindly introduces himself as Salvadore Buccelatti.

Dark Necessities Edit

Giomar reveals that he has a Stand and calls it "Golden Years", in exchange, Buccelatti reveals his "Dark Necessites", an armoured figure made of cloth with the ability to unravel people and space-time, Giomar fights the other gang mamber and catches Buccelatti in his own ability, nearly killing Salvadore, but Giomar decides to spare him in exchange of knowing who the boss of his gang is and how to stop him from distributing drugs to the population.

Buccelatti tells Giogio that his gang is named "Passione" and they control most of the country, from casinos, to simple convenience stores, nobody knows who their boss is, but Salvadore knows a way to stop him, but Giomar must join Passione first.

Torrone & Sepultura Edit


Characters Edit

Name Stand Role
Giomar Giovanna Golden Years Main Protagonist
Salvadore Buccellati Dark Necessities Ally
Guido Morriconne Sonic Youth Ally
Agnese Nannini Revolution Radio Ally
Massimo Volume Rearview Mirror Ally
Torrone Sepultura Villain
TBA TBA Villain
TBA TBA Villain
TBA TBA Villain
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Villain
TBA TBA Villain
TBA Lounge Act Villain
TBA TBA Villain
Veleno Twisted Sister Villain
Gelato Nero Nativity in Black Villain
TBA TBA Villain
TBA TBA Villain
Bunjiro Noriaki Nine Inch Nails Ally
Neapolito Cane Jethro Tull Main Antagonist

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