At first, I thought I would've been just content with beating the shit out of you, just like every other sucker I quarrel with. But out of all the sons of bitches I've met, you byfar have annoyed me and pushed me to then end of my patience. I can't forgive that, so what I'm gonna do is give you the worst fate that you could ever imagine!

—Jokami finally cornering Hirudesu

Jokami Joestar
Jokami Joestar
Japanese Name ジョカミ・ジョステル
Romanized Name Jokami Jōsutā
English Name Jokami Joestar
Namesake Okami - Japanese word for "wolf"
Stand Furr
Age 16 (Part 4); 41 (Part 5)
Birthday October 1st
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Female
Height 5'10" ft.
Blood Type B+
Nationality American
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Orange
Favorite Food Sandwich
Affiliation Joestar Family
Occupation Mechanic
Hobbies Beating assholes up
Relatives Joestar Family
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

Jokami Joestar is the other main protagonist of Jojo's Odd Adventure Part 4 with her brother, Jogan Joestar, along with being the daughter of Jody Joestar and Forowa Epoch.


Calling me something I already know I am, such as a bitch or a piece of shit, won't stop me from ramming my fist into your face repeatedly, so can you do me a favor and shut the fuck up for about 30 seconds?

—Jokami about to pummel Wheelie Stan

Jokami is an utter punk, never listening to any of the rules and often acting like she owns the place. Plenty of people call her self-centered and rude, which she tends to agree with. She will not hesitate to beat somebody up if they deserve it, but doesn't think you're worth the effort if you are doing "little things" like robbing her, which she wouldn't retaliate from (unless you try to steal her necklace or be an asshole the whole time, then she would pummel you). However, breaking past her rough exterior, you will find a heart of gold, which is inherently good. She is basically a kid forced to grow up too quickly and hung around the wrong crowd, but the good morals and values of the good people around her stuck and formed up inside her mind, and she would not hesitate to save someone if their life was in serious danger.

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