Jolyon McJones
1 Part I ~ Jolyon McJones Part I
Japanese Name ジョーリオン・ミックジョーンズ
Romanized Name Jōrion MikkuJōnzu
English Name Jolyon McJones
Stand Rolling Girl
Age 23
Birthday September 21st, 1994
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Dog
Gender Male
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight 190 pounds
Blood Type XXX
Nationality United States of America
Race Black American
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Dark Gold
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Movie Guardians of the Galaxy
Favorite Food Pepperoni-and-Sausage Pizza
Favorite Actor Tom Hiddleston
Favorite Animal Dolphins
Favorite Flower Red Rose
Favorite Musician Bruce Faulconer
Favorite Sportsman Marshawn Lynch

Jolyon McJones (Romaji: Jōrion MikkuJōnzu; Kana: ジョーリオン・ミックジョーンズ) is the protagonist of Floogetyflop.

Back when he was one of the newest arrivals to both the new world of Floogetyflop and the even newer city of Floogetyflopolis, Jolyon was deceived, exploited, and manipulated mentored by Daria Marco. 7 years later, Daria is murdered by Ozwaltz E. R. Slowcarriage. So, in accordance with his mother's will, Theo Marco came to Jolyon for guidance and shelter.

More out of sympathy for Theo than appreciation for Daria, Jolyon becomes the father that Theo never had. In addition, he assists Theo in avenging and investigating Daria's murder.

Some time after the events of Floogetyflop, Jolyon marries BLANK. And the two of them have a daughter named Joanne McJones.

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