There is only one obvious name to this team... Jotaro Kujo's Death Investigation Team

—Yoshimaru Kawajiri naming the team

Jotaro Kujo's Death Investigation Team comprises a squad of Stand users belonging to Passione. They are the main protagonists in Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life.

As the name suggest, the Team's main goal is to find Jotaro Kujo's death cause, and later, find the true identity of the serial killer Yoshikage Kira and stop him.

Members Edit

Jolyne Cujoh: The Team's leader and Jotaro's daughter. Her Stand, Stone Free, allows her to control strings created with her own body.

Giorno Giovanna: Passione's boss and Team's second-in-comand. His Stand, Gold Expirence, allows him to manipulate life, transforming objects into animals or curing his allies.

Guido Mista: Passione's underboss. His Stand, Sex Pistols, allows him to redirect the bullets from his revolver.

Hayato Kawajiri: A Morioh native and Yoshimaru's brother. His Stand, I Want You, allows him to change other's appearance.

Yoshimaru Kawajiri: A Morioh native and Hayato's brother. His Stand, Roundabout, allows him to rewind 10 seconds in the time.

Trivia Edit

  • Only Mista and Giorno were Passione's members before the creation of the Team.
  • Despite helping the Team, Polnareff is not counted as a member.
  • Yoshimaru is both the youngest member and the one who named the Team.

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