JuJu's Bombastic Adventure: Gem is not Crash is a parody to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.


Name Stand Role
Jusuke Higashitaka Shining Diamond Main Protagonist
Nerftaro Cujoh Platina Star Main Ally
Guanglai Kangyi Reverb Main Ally
Dong Nijimura The Band Main Ally
Hirohiko Araki Heaven's Gate Main Ally
Anben Pianshilang Silver Chain Antagonist
Jean Pierre Eiffel Worst Company Neutral
Yuno Gasai Hair Deluxe Ally (formerly Antagonist)
Kenji Ohtsuki Kiss Antagonist
Remi Zuguibici N/A Ally
Dodoria "Spiky-headed fat kid" Bug Army Ally (formerly Anatagonist)
Cinderella Fairy Godmother Ally
David Bowie's father Living Phtography Antagonist
Hayato Kisaragi N/A Ally
Michael Angelo DaVinci GoGo Ally (formerly Antagonist)
David Bowie Quality Queen

Direct Heart Attack

Quality Queen Chew the Dirt

Main Antagonist

Trivia Edit

  • Most character and Stand's names are based around the Duwang and Crunchyroll's names, others are just jokes.

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