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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Judas Priest



Japanese Name ジューダス・プリースト
Romanized Name Juudasu Puriisuto
English Name Judas Chaplain (VIZ Media)
Namesake Judas Priest (British heavy metal group)
Stand One
One Requiem
Age 47
Birthday 6 July
Chinese Zodiac Cancer
Gender Male
Height 196 cm.
Weight 71 kg.
Blood Type AB
Nationality British
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Occupation Unknown
Manga Debut SU Chapter ??
Seiyuu Hideyuki Tanaka
Voice Actor Unknown
I cannot deny who I am any more than you can deny the blood flowing through your veins.

—Judas Priest

Judas Priest (ジューダス・プリースト Juudasu Puriisuto?) is the main antagonist of Standpunk Underground. One of the first Stand fighters, he quickly carved out a reputation for himself among the community as grandiose and grotesque in his methods. Lying at the deepest depths of Stand fighting, he often travels with Dante Inferiro Orlandriusawakening new Stand users and at times introducing them to the sport. Only an unlucky few, such as Emilia Vartiainen and Raghnall Mac Ghabhann, have been trained by this enigmatic figure, and he holds great influence in the Stand fighting world. After discovering the Joestar Birthmark on Seiji Kamijou, Judas has devoted all his efforts to keep the youth from diving deeper into the sport.

Naturally, he posseses a Stand of his own: One.



Full appearance.


Judas' appearance with the meteor cells injected.


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