—Juno's catchphrase

I'm Japanese and yes, my mom named me after a Roman goddess, so bow down to my superiority.

—Jokingly boasting her namesake

Juno Makino
Japanese Name 牧野ジューノー
Romanized Name Makino Juno
English Name Juno Nonaka
Namesake The Roman Goddess of Family, Marriage, & Childbirth

Moon in June (A Soft Machine song)

Stand Kings & Queens
Age 16
Birthday June 30
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Weight 55 kg
Nationality Japanese
Race Human
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Violet
Favorite Color Any shade of red
Favorite Movie 22 Jump Street
Favorite Food Sushi/Any seafood with Habanero sauce
Favorite Actor Samuel L. Jackson
Favorite Animal Wolf
Favorite Flower Rose
Favorite Musician Freddie Mercury
Occupation Student


Part-time Barista

Hobbies Playing the electric guitar and video games, performing yo-yo tricks, Singing
Relatives Riku Makino (Older twin brother)

Takato Matsuda (Father) †

Ruki Makino (Mother)

Seiyuu Mao Ichimichi
Voice Actor Laura Bailey

Juno Makino (牧野ジューノー Makino Jūnō), frequently called by her nickname of JoJo (ジョジョ JoJo), is one of the leading protagonists and the main heroine of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

Playfully plucky and quite sassy with a crude taste for sarcasm, Juno, along with her twin brother, has been studying in London for the past three years, living under the hospitality of the rich Steel family as their hosts. She's currently the de facto head of a team intent to investigate any bizarre events, as well as tackle any rampant Digimon phenomena happening in the area.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Juno is a young, fairly attractive woman of noticeable height and weight, highlighted by her slender and active build. Her personal looks gives the impression of a younger and much goofier version of her mother, Ruki. She has fair skin, violet eyes, and shoulder-length ginger hair which she kept a rather stylish braided bun manner supported with bangs reaching down, slightly passing her chin. She has a case of nearsightedness, prompting her to wear a contact lens.

Unknown to her, she has been described as "beautiful" by her admirers, including Teddy.

Primary Attire Edit

Juno's casual gear is a blend of casual and jazzy styles. She sports a short-sleeved, red buttoned shirt having a black-and-red checkerboard pattern around the cuffs of the sleeves, a black necktie bearing a bright red lining across the rim and along the center can be seen and adds a pair of black wristbands having a single glowing red line to her usual outfit. She also incorporates her usual mode of casuals a pitch-black vest worn over her shirt, and crimson designs of rose patterns extend from the bottom in the left, and a single rose coming from the shoulder in the right side, and on the middle of the vest's back is a bright red rose symbol. She also has black choker with a detailed image of a rose pinned on the middle.

She wears a black and white plaid skirt measuring a few inches away above the knees, with a hemline of red color across the sides and the bottom. It's fastened by a leather belt with added customization to suit her personal liking, such as a unique holster for her yo-yos which she uses in conjunction with her Stand and a silver pouch marked with an emblem of a rose, printed in dark red, to store any of her personal belongings. Juno prefers to wear a pair of black/pink bicycle shorts underneath, her legs sporting black stockings that fade into a shade of crimson, and placing an end to her lower attire is a pair of dark-red, calf-length sneakers with bright crimson laces neatly tied together.

Uniform Edit

While attending classes, Juno sports the mandatory uniform consisting of a white jacket having a black hemline, buttoned dress shirt of the same color and a dark-blue plaid necktie worn around her neck. The high school's logo is marked on the right. Additionally, she dons a complimentary red plaid skirt with long black socks and a pair black shoes neatly tied. Even while wearing the uniform, she gets to keep her bicycle shorts, wristbands, and choker.

Pajamas Edit

Her night attire is in favor for a white shirt having a black rim and a black decal of a rose outlined by gold, dark blue pajama pants with periwinkle hearts, and a pair of socks. She also lets her hair out when it is time to go to bed. However if there's something going on in the middle of the night, she still keeps her pajamas, but with a black fleece jacket worn over and wears red sneakers. Her hair still retains its unconfined manner, with a green beanie being worn as of this moment.

Personality Edit

Juno is a teenage girl with an adventurous and assertive persona emblazoned into her spirit and usually comes across as a fresh breeze of a plucky, sassy, free-spirited and courageous atmosphere, with an amiable personality to boot that makes her go well with most people, along the lines of her personality being that "she's like an angel". However just like her mother, she can be impulsive and aggressive when someone or something has already pushed her limits, prompting her to crack up mockingly sarcastic quips towards those that are peculiar, boring, or plain annoying to her. Juno has a crude tongue, never wasting an opportunity to add an obscene word to her daily vocabulary just to highlight her unique flow throughout her life. Even in her gentle and sweet nature, she can be a real wisecrack who often makes sharp quips of peculiar irony. In a daily basis, she always puts up a positive mood in her face and when meeting someone who isn't hostile towards her, Juno shows a gentle and sociable attitude. 

Considering that Juno is still in high school, she practically acts like all teenagers during that time of her life and has goals that are practical and realistic to her. She's fairly average in most of her academics but has yet to achieve a decent grade in the two subjects she having difficulty in; Mathematics & History. Adding more cause to her adventurous side is her major involvement in the school's extracurricular activities which she isn't doing it for the grades but sees it as an alternative solution to deal with boredom. According to her twin brother, his sibling can be a quite a cheater during examinations and written activities as she passed down scribbles throughout the class until it reached him, asking for the answers of the questions she has difficulty in answering which he does against his own will but he noticed that she prefers to keep her scores half of the overall items, since she does not want her cover blown by a number of perfect scores.

While her brother has a much sharper and focused attitude towards his studies, their personality differences actually blend well, thus they developed an unbreakable bond over the years and having contrasting attitudes that make a near-perfect chemistry with each other. It's because of Juno's adventurous persistence that motivates the older twin to join in with any mischief he wouldn't normally indulge in. The two will often quarrel however, even in the most insignificant of things.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Kings & Queens Edit

Kings & Queens has mastery over all forms of plant life and vegetation. The most common of how this ability's used is to make flowers or plants of her own choosing appear out of nowhere regardless of location. While majority of how this natural talent is more oriented towards supporting and healing of allies, it can be used inventively in both offensive and defensive ways.

Tactical Intelligence Edit

Although not much of a genius in terms of her academics, Juno is a distinctly fluid tactician. She has a penchant in observing her opponents firsthand, even while in motion, then proceeds in performing methods of either using her nanoscale droids to strike within the opponent once they have made an opening of their supposed weak spot where they wake up from any signs of their arrogance that she had made a breach through their abilities. Her strategical wit is crucial in cooperating her allies, with her being the combat medic of the group thanks to Morning Glory's wide array of healing capabilities and that being accelerated by Juno's imaginative creativity with its powers.

A pragmatist at heart, Juno will use anything she finds in her environment to get an advantage over her enemies, as going fair by the rules isn't in Juno's vocabulary. She has shown finesse in planting hidden traps along the surface using her nanites. Any enemy dumb enough to approach her with the trap somewhere in the same path between them and her, the droids will immediately swarm them without notice.

Heightened Physicality Edit

In addition in being a Stand user, the girl has considerably heightened attributes that made her withstand countless enemy Stand or Digimon encounters without the fear of exhaustion. One of these heightened traits is her durability; She was able to endure attacks which may knock out any normal human in one shot and with the use of her nanites; her durability increases at a considerable degree. She was able to survive after being subjected into the effects of the abilities of countless Stands, and managed to have the fortitude of bracing herself against a powerful attack by a Mega-leveled Digimon, although barely but managed to get back on her feet with her conscience intact to manifest Kings & Queens in delivering the coup de grace at her digital opponent.

She seem to possess drastic reflexes as well. Juno was capable of evading standard gunfire, even at distances a Sniper would use that as their vintage point, and she was able to catch the bullet from afar. Her reaction time is crucial to her fluid dexterity in her yoyo competence, being able to continuously swing her tools of the trade while dodging enemy attacks to keep minimum range for her yoyos to make their mark at the enemy.

Yoyo Mastery Edit

As mentioned before, Juno exhibits fluid competence and graceful proficiency in utilizing a pair of yo-yos as a weapon. Juno can ensure to land a combo of swift volleys from mid-range without worrying the cables being cut as they are protected by a coat of nanites produced by her Stand. By spinning a yo-yo at a swift rate right in front her, she can actually defend herself from projectile-based attacks, along with the probability of reflecting back said projectiles back at the attacker is above-average if done at the right time.

Misc. Edit

  • She seems to have a liking in dipping Habanero sauce on all of her favorite cuisines, including traditional Japanese food such as sushi.
  • She likes to wear dresses heavily inspired by Victorian and Steampunk themes.
  • Welcome to the Jungle & Civil War, both by Guns N' Roses, are her favorite songs.

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