Just because we are the bad guys does not mean that this old shack's gonna last long. Be grateful that while I assigned some of you to delay those infidel, I went out to pay our daily necessities and finding the best carpenters to keep this bucket of dust and plank steady for a while.

—Lamenting that even if he's a tyrant, it doesn't guarantee him the satisfaction of the mansion he's living in.

No need to panic my fellow gentleman, there's no need to fear the supposed reincarnation of my nemesis and her pitiful band once these five dimensions, one of which is where her mother resides, is under my grasp. This is will be all too interesting.
All of you...are going to have a bad time once I settle the score with that brat.
The Master of Distortion
Japanese Name カミタイムスプライサー
Romanized Name Kami Taimusupuraisā
Namesake Japanese for "god/spirit"
Age 200+
Birthday October 31st
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Race Unknown
Hair Color Black with silver streaks
Eye Color Gold
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Food Enchiladas
Favorite Animal Armadillo
Favorite Flower Black Roses
Favorite Musician Kenny G.
Affiliation The 11th Hour
Occupation Sorcerer
Hobbies Collecting clocks
Seiyuu Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese Dub)
Voice Actor Patrick Seitz
Kami Timesplicer, or more commonly known as KAMI, is a Rhythm Mage who's also the Royal Butterfly Family's arch-nemesis during the late 19th century, and the central antagonist of JoJo's Interdimensional Adventure: Starburst Revolution.

After being set free from his stone-laden condition years ago, he returns to not only banish the dimensions that could pose a major threat to his goals, but to turn the entire universe into one big personal playground.

He currently resides in an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain, which also serves as the base of operations of his organization; The 11th Hour. If he feels like it, Kami would sporadically appear before his archnemesis' descendant and her posse, either taunting them or challenging them just to develop the capabilities of his Stand. The sorcerer would often appear in the sidelines, watching one of his minions fending off his enemies in a clever use of tactics and a pure all-out brawl for his pleasure.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Kami appears as a well-built and tall figure with fine features that only add to his natural charisma. His hair is jet-black with silver highlights with one or few strands falling onto his forehead while the rest are slicked back into a spiky end. alabaster complexion, and entrancing golden eyes. He has pointed ears but he bluntly states that he's no elf.

Primary Attire Edit

Kami sports a full-length, black & silver long coat, complete with a hood big enough to conceal his identity, obscuring his face in the dark where his golden eyes can be seen. It has a large zipper following an inverted pattern; starting from the very top, all the way down. Without the use of this ominous clothing, he reveals that he wears an attire very reminiscent to Japanese garments, where underneath those are a pair dark pants lightly armoured, and matching boots, with an aesthetic of a silver lining.

Civilian Outfit Edit

To blend with the denizens of Madrid, Kami sports a less-conspicuous attire involving a dress shirt with a blue vest worn over adorned with gold buttons and grey necktie worn around his neck, dark-blue pants, and completing this casual gear are black shoes.

Personality Edit


Powers & Abilities Edit

Stand Edit


El Mundo has shown mastery in distorting the very existence of time and space itself. Kami typically uses this power to create a wormhole that takes him back to his hideout, create a distorted area confined in a specific range that all forms of logic is irrelevant, stop time for an interval of 5-9 seconds, and invert the entire space of a given area in his surrounding, such as flipping an entire forest upside down.

As terrifying this power is, Kami prefers to use his Stand's overall destructive and fatal prowess and speed to quickly eliminate anyone who is a threat to him.

Personal Edit

Intelligence: Even after being petrified as a stone statue for more than two centuries, Kami's level of intelligence, cunning, and strategic skill is still as unparalleled as ever. He quickly deduced that his archnemesis' descendant/reincarnation is in fact a young girl with a cynical, grouchy, and stoic attitude but that does not change the fact that she will eventually get him one day, even without prior knowledge to who Jocelyn was. He's no slouch when it comes to formulating plans that would ensure him a step ahead of his adversaries.

Mastery in Combat:

Rhythm Magic:

Master Inventor:


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