Keep On Keeping-On
Keep On Keeping On
Japanese Name キープ・オン・キーピング・オン(Kīpu On Kīpingu-On)
Namesake Keep On Keeping-On, from Aldnoah Zero
Destructive Power A
Speed C
Range E
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential E

Abbreviated as KO2/KO SQUARE (Romaji: Kē Ō SUKUEA; Kana: ケー・オー・スクェア).

Keep On Keeping-On (Romaji: Kīpu On Kīpingu-On; Kana: キープ・オン・キーピング・オン) is the ujigami of BLANK. It is featured in 『Shooting Star-Crossed』.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

KO Square does not exhibit any personality other than obedience towards its user.

Abiltiies Edit

  • Plasma Armaments: KO SQUARE is able to mechanically metamorphose either or both of its forearms into a cannon. Afterward; KO SQUARE is able to utilize either or both of its cannons to store the exhalations of its user, ionize the stored-up exhalations, and then project the ionized exhalations as either a concussive bolt of plasma or a blade-like stream of plasma.

Trivia Edit


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