No matter how long will the extent of your abilities reach and what Level you have achieved, your fate has already been sealed. That "punch" you blocked was a way for my Stand to implant a bomb within you, Archangel. It's futile to retaliate at this point and Killer Queen will press the switch. Goodbye

—Charlie, to Seraphimon before finishing him off.

If I were you, I would throw that hat off since "he" has already made it into a bomb.

Charlie warning Timmy about the hat he's already wearing.

Killer Queen
Japanese Name キラークイーン
English Name Deadly Queen
User Charlie Coverdale
Namesake Killer Queen (A Queen song)

Sheer Heart Attack (A Queen song)

Another One Bites the Dust (A Queen song)

Seiyuu Mamoru Miyano (Sheer Heart Attack)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential D

Killer Queen (キラークイーン Kira Kuin) is the Stand of MI5 agent, Charlie Coverdale, featured in Digital Breakdown.

Appearance & Personality Edit

This version of Killer Queen is the same one as shown in Diamond is Unbreakable. Although it has silver-white complexion, sinister black sclera with pinkish-violet, cat-like, vertical pupils, and the skull emblems on the back of its gloves are replaced by a perpetually-glowing Digital Hazard sign.

Devoid of any emotion and conscience, Killer Queen has no particular personality and lacks any signs of conscience other than absolute devotion to its user.

Abilities Edit

Like his canon equivalent, Killer Queen is a short-ranged humanoid Stand of prominent attacking power, speed, and precision. Its bread-and-butter is the inducement of explosions through the planting of bombs within a specific object or person, although while the aftermath of the explosions completely eliminate the target, these explosions appear to not affect more than one target and are invisible and unheard by non-Stand users.

  • Supernatural Strength: Killer Queen possesses phenomenal strength that could rival certain Stands in full close combat. Although Charlie is more suited in exploiting his Stand as a stealthy type due to its explosive capabilities, he is not reluctant in calling it to devastate those who threaten him with a barrage of punches at astonishing accuracy, which can clash with the likes of humanoid Stands of the same type. It is strong enough to even carry old gears used once within the Big Ben clock tower without showing visible signs of physical difficulty, then proceeding to hurl said gears at a force heightened at amazing proportions. Killer Queen has shown that its concealed strength can pierce through even the toughest of armor as Charlie was able to kill a metallic Ultimate-level Digimon with Chrome Digizoid by having Killer Queen deliver a one-hit kill punch through its chest.
  • Primary Bomb: Killer Queen transmutes the targeted object or person its user sees fit into a bomb through touch. The Stand has the rule of only charging one bomb at a time, but Charlie can unleash explosions multiple times from the charged object as long as Killer Queen implants another one, which in turn cancels out the detonation.
    • Chain Reaction: Anyone near to the target who has been already detonated will have that explosion pass into them, suffering the same fate though the intensity decreases as the charge travels to the next one nearby, with a 10-12% chance of surviving. This also works on objects near to the target, unless if aforementioned objects were already touched by Killer Queen.
    • Concussive Detonation: If Charlie wishes the target not to be vaporized upon the moment of the explosion, Killer Queen can lessen the potency of the explosion where it will deal tremendous concussive damage towards the target or anyone nearby. Even if they receive fatal damage, Charlie stated that a reduced explosion cannot kill a human being, regardless of their physical condition.
    • Excitement Countdown: If the recipient has been a charged with a bomb, and has yet to be triggered. Killer Queen can place a hidden countdown which is determined by the pulse rate of the recipient. Unlike his bombs, the countdown procedure cannot be activated through normal means and will only start if the recipient gets too excited. When the excitement has already taken the toll of their heartbeats, the bomb will be detonated, killing them in the process.

Secondary Bomb: Sheer Heart Attack(s) Edit

Killer Queen can fabricate an onslaught of miniature tanks of varying size. For the most part, Killer Queen has it discharging in a relatively small size as the default proportion, and the bigger it gets, the lesser number of SHA's produced. All tanks will instinctively strike out the source having the strongest heat signature but they are immediately disposed after they detonate themselves, regardless if the target was hit or not. Sheer Heart Attack is completely autonomous, although destroying the warmest object is its main protocol, Charlie can give out complex commands that goes on the intensity of eradicating an entire section of trees or unleashing a barrage of relentless attacks in the similar manner to kamikaze.

Tertiary Bomb:BITES THE DUSTEdit

After a frustrated Charlie was pierced by the Arrow hung on the wall in his study, Killer Queen acquired an ability that allows time to be reversed ranging precisely from an hour or an entire day.

The bomb takes shape of a miniaturized Killer Queen taking cover underneath whoever has been implanted by it. This tiny Killer Queen takes action on its own under the influence of its master, and will only reveal itself once the bomb has been triggered. Asking who Charlie is does not activate the bomb but asking where Charlie is, and if the person being implanted with Bites the Dust did tell his current whereabouts, it will immediately cause the detonation. In this event, Killer Queen will dive into the eye of those who heard his master's location, proceeded by the ensuing explosion. It can inflict the same effect towards multiple targets as well.

A time loop is initiated after the targets have been struck down by Bites The Dust, reversing time from an hour or the entire day. Charlie must ask and confirm the identities of those who are blasted by the ability considering Bites the Dust is automatic and independent. Any action, event, or incident will repeat once more as in the previous loop for it had already happened, although slight deviations are permitted. Any one killed by this power in a previous time loop will repeat their deaths due to the fact they are still bound to the effects of Bites the Dust, even without the carrier informing them of Charlie's whereabouts.

Because for the one carrying Bites the Dust has to be alive in order to execute the detonation, the ability shields the carrier from any form of harm towards it, including the ensuing explosions. However, Killer Queen still allows it master to harm the carrier, but once the carrier is severely injured, the Stand will immediately intercept the attack.

Trivia Edit

  • The Digital Hazard symbol that appears on both of its gloves represent that any Digimon bearing it has the potential to be a highly destructive threat to both worlds. In this case, Charlie is destructively hostile towards Digimon, and uses his Stand to finish them.
  • This version of Killer Queen can be combination of the Diamond is Unbreakable and JoJolion versions, as its Sheer Heart Attack can be produced multiple times as well as obtaining Bites the Dust.

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