Killer Queen Cover
Japanese Name キラー・クイーン・カヴァー
English Name Deadly Queen Cover

Heart Attack

Peer Pressure (All localized)

User Valentina Bonnaparte
Namesake Killer Queen (Song by Queen)

The concept of a song cover

Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range E (Sheer Heart Attack: A)
Durability C
Precision C
Developmental Potential A
Killer Queen Cover (キラー・クイーン・カヴァー "Kiraa Kuiin Kavaa") is the Stand of the antagonist Valentina Bonnaparte in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Old Yellow Bricks.

It is the first instance of a Cover Stand, which replicates an earlier Stand with a slightly different design and abilities.

Appearence Edit

Killer Queen Cover looks like the original Killer Queen, except the symbols around its body are diamond shapes with large Vs and the signature cat-like skull above the letter. Its lips are also dark purple instead of black or normal color and it has a more androgynous figure.

Sheer Heart Attack is a set of three small, round tanks with a golden dome on top of each of them and a cat skull with a pointed nose at the front, on the skull's forehead is a dagger pointing downwards.

Under Pressure appears as a tiny version of KQC inside of the person that has been armed.

Personality Edit

KQC yells the Brando family's signature battle cry of "MUDA MUDA MUDA", other than that, it has no other personality.

SHA's instances yell "Look over here!" and "I'm gonna get you!" as they're chasing down their victims.

Valentina can talk through KQC in its Under Pressure form, to taunt its victims and the person who was armed with the ability.

Abilities Edit

KQC's abilities work the exact same as the original Killer Queen's, with only minor differences. The Primary Bomb in unchanged, Sheer Heart Attack comes in a set of three rather than a single instance and Under Pressure is Bites the Dust except it destroys the armed person along with the proper victims once its job is done.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned previously, KQC is the first instance of a Cover Stand.
  • Killer Queen Cover is both a parallel to Killer Queen and JJAA:DiU's Muse, same for Valentina, Kira and Akane

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