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Kriss Kross
English Name Mix Match (English Localization)
User Rudolph
Namesake Kriss Kross(band)
Destructive Power N/A
Speed N/A
Range N/A
Durability A
Precision N/A
Developmental Potential A

Kriss Kross (クリス・クロス Kurisu Kurosu?) is the name of Rudolph's Stand appearing in Steampunk Desire.


Like a few other Stands, Kriss Kross doesn't actually possess a physical form: instead, it is bound to its user's body. It has no personality, as it is just an extension of Rudolph's very body.


Animal Mimicry: The ability of Kriss Kross is that it allows Rudolph to mimic the abilities and traits of any animal. While he does not traditionally fully become into the animal who's traits he is taking on, instead his physical form is indeed altered to match the animal in question while he still retains most of his traits, such as when he takes on the traits of a human, he retains his fur and caribou like nose, causing him to resemble more of a beast than a human.

While Kriss Kross has stats, most of them are unknown. As stated by Rudolph himself, when he takes on the traits of the animals, he not only gains those traits, but those traits are enhanced far more than a normal animal, matching those of a "close range" stand in terms of speed and power, which allows Rudolph to keep up in battles with the likes of Giotto and Full Steam.

Multiple Traits: Rudolph shows the ability to take multiple traits from animals at the same time, which allows him to constantly communicate with the Yotsunoya Group when not in a human like form, or when in other forms that lack human intelligence.


  • This stand was entirely inspired by the Hito Hito no Mi from the One Piece franchise. A spin was put on it to explain how Rudolph could talk like a normal human due to The Creator's great desire to use Chopper in Steampunk Desire, as well as use his "guard point" transformation. To explain Guard Point, all he could think of was a puffer fish, so Kriss Kross came about.


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