Jade Skull Company rules!

—Kuiar hyping up JSC

Kuiar Atame
Ganster to be
Japanese Name 悔い改め
Romanized Name Kuiar Atame
English Name Kuiar Atame
Birth Name Kuiar Atame
Namesake Repented in Japanese
Stand Dragonforce
Age 23
Birthday December 1st
Gender Male
Height 5'11" ft
Blood Type B-
Nationality Italian
Race Alein
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Food Pizza
Affiliation Jade Skull Company (L1eader)
Occupation Gangster
Hobbies Hanging out with his gang and walking the streets
Relatives Jade Skull Company
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

Kuiar Atame is the head of the Jade Skull Company as well as a core ally and a Stand user in Jojo's Odd Adventure Part 7.


Kuair has long wavy black hair and dark angry blue eyes on his hardened face. He is always wearing his high quality leather jacket with a green skull, the insignia of the Jade Skull Company, printed on the back of it, along with his 8 round cut diamond rings and white T-shirt. His black jeans sport a golden chain near one of his pockets and he wears brown combat boots.

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