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Kung Fu Fighting
Japanese Name カング・フー・ファイティング (Kangu Fuu Faitingu)
English Name Kung Fu Fighter (VIZ Media)
User Honghui Lok
Namesake Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas song)
Manga Debut Chapter ?
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision A
Developmental Potential C

—Honghui on Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Fighting (カング・フー・ファイティング Kangu Fuu Faitingu?) is the Stand of Honghui Lok, featured alongside its user in Standpunk Underground.


Unique among Stands, Kung Fu Fighting manifests not with the conventional humanoid methods or through some common substance. Rather, it is a Stand bonded with Honghui's shadow, and upon called upon it will seize control of it. After being activated, it appears as if another shadow has slithered out, obscuring and assimilating Honghui's into itself. Despite this, the Stand appears to be around its user's height and of a very similar build, to the point that before manifesting its full shape through his shadow the only discernible difference is the addition of a pair of glowing red eyes, almost akin to flame. It gains complete control over Honghui's movements in this state, but is also bound totally by his mental commands, effectively granting its master the ability to move as wishes. However, the various martial arts Kung Fu Fighting has "broken down" remain entirely its domain, and thus it must be activated before Honghui can use any of it.

When it has fully manifested within his shadow, the shape of that shadow changes drastically. This appears to reveal Kung Fu Fighting's real shape, or what it would appear as if it manifested normally. It appears akin to a marionette, though a rather complex and yet rough one at that. With notably broader shoulders than its user, Kung Fu Fighting appears to be only slightly taller than him. It has a body that appears to be made of a woodlike substance, though it has no outer covering to hide its various gears and mechanics like a regular puppet. Rather, they are all 'bare' for the world to see, and while a shadow certain precise details, such as various planks and levers, can be seen at certain angles when it has manifested. Its head takes the shape of a rounded diamond, two outcroppings that might be or function as eyes visible on either side of its head. Its automaton-like appearance is intended as a reference to the fact that it functions much like a puppeteer. It has notably thinner limbs than its user, though hands that are more Honghui's size, creating an odd contrast among its limbs. It is dressed almost entirely in some sort of kimono or traditional Japanese outfit. Details are all but impossible to make out about it, and it extends to cover most of the Stand's torso and extends down to its feet, where it melds with its user's body. 

Kung Fu Fighting has shown almost no signs of sentience, being completely under the control of its master.



Super Strength-

Super Speed-

Shadow Marionette-

Martial Arts Assimilation/Deconstruction-

Umbrakinetic Combat-



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