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Blue Petals
Japanese Name Leaves
Romanized Name Leaves
English Name Leaves

Leaves, also known formally as Yyggdrasil's Leaves, are the potent narcotic drug generated from Dion's Stand and Freyja's Luminous Virus.


As their names implies Leaves look similar to leaves or petals that are clue in coloration. Because of their components they glow brightly.


Leaves is a drug composed entirely of compressed fumes created by Obsession's powers laced with the viruses of the Luminous Strand.


Leaves is a narcotic that that can be ingested in nearly all methods of drug use, and additionally can be used by skin contact alone.

The drug when consumed will send the user into an incredibly strong hallucinegenic trip where they experience some of their deepest desires in a manner not dissimilar to lucid dreaming, this is possible by the power of Obsession.

However Leaves is also composed of the first manner of fumes the stand can produce and is 100% addictive upon usage. It does not seem to have any negative side effects on the body outside of intense withdrawal symptoms, as neither fumes are toxic to any organism.

Additionally because of Freyja's intervention Leaves also contains the Luminous Virus and upon consuming any amount of Leaves the user is given access to a Stand.


The alternative drug known as Petals is the most "pure" form of leaves that can be bought, these are not addicting in any way but can generate a high so powerful any who experience it are left crying of happiness by the end of it.

However "Petals" are only created when Dion uses his Solo ability, as such anyone who utilizes Petals becomes a blind follower to Dion himself.





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