Led Zeppelin
Led Zepplin
Japanese Name レッド・ツェッペリン
English Name Led Zeppelin
User  ???
Namesake Led Zeppelin (English Rock Band)
Destructive Power A
Speed E
Range A
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential C

Led Zeppelin is a colossal airship of a Stand with fully functioning weapons and a 500 man crew aboard it (non-Stand related people just hired aboard).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: Led Zeppelin's main ability is to fly in the sky, just like a regular airship. It has a maximum height of 4 and a half miles, 7250 meters or 23,785 feet, because at around 8,000 meters is the death zone for people, and 7,250 meters is enough to be safe but be high in the air.
  • Housing: As Led Zeppelin is gigantic, it can house a large multitude of people, about 500 to be exact, as that is the size of its crew
  • Rockets: Led Zeppelin's most obvious weapons are its rockets, which can be seen on the side of it. They all have 1/10 of the power of a nuclear bomb and regenerate on the ship after about 10 minutes. They have to be dropped or launched far away from the ship to avoid death of everyone on board, naturally
  • Machine Guns: Hidden on Led Zeppelin are about 100 pop up machine guns that can be stowed away at will, they are good for raids and can be taken off their mounts on the ship and put back on.

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