Love, Love, Love
Japanese Name ラブ・ラブ・ラブ
User Lover Blossom
Namesake It's Love-Love-Love (Song by Guy Lombardo)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability A
Precision C
Developmental Potential D
Love, Love, Love (ラブ・ラブ・ラブ "Rabu Rabu Rabu") often written with an exclamation point at the end ("Love, Love, Love!") is the Stand of Lover Blossom in the sixth part of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure.

Appearence Edit

Love, Love, Love is a robotic female Stand, its face has yellow headlight eyes and the lower half of it is bandaged, from Love, Love, Love's neck down it wears a pink body suit with a heart shaped opening at the base of its neck, it has heart shaped shoulder pads and its arms have visible joints at the elbows and shoulders.

Love, Love, Love's suit ends around its thighs, its legs are also mechanical and it wears high heels.

Ability Edit

Stand Effect Negation: Love, Love, Love is extremely powerful, if it touches another Stand, it can make an enemys attack either backfire or completely negate it, in Lover's fight with Forest, Love, Love, Love is used to negate Get Back's invisibility.

Gallery Edit


  • Love, Love, Love's design is based on Hato's Stand in Jojolion

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