"I have only one question for you... If you could be perfect would you? That is why I have chosen this path. My stand is my pathway to unfathomable power, to... perfection. Tell me what do you desire, join me; for now I have the power to grant any request. I have become; God" - Tenjō no kami

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Lucifer's Requiem: Godsend
English Name Lucifer's Requiem: Godsend
User Tenjō no kami
Namesake Lucifer's Requiem (Song)
Destructive Power None
Speed None
Range None
Durability Infinite
Precision None
Developmental Potential None

The final stand of Tenjō no kami and was gained by Lucifer's requiem being pierced with "The Perfect Arrow" and soon after evolved into Lucifer's Requiem: Godsend, a stand that is absolute in its power and even its user admitted that it was almost to much to even fathom. This stand was featured in "Eyes of God"


This stand is bound to the user thus it has no appearance


Author Authority

The user is the literal author of reality, allowing them to without limit manipulate it as if it was a book or story. This power has no apparent limit, thus meaning the user can do literally anything short of creating and manipulating alternate existences. This also allows the user to reincarnate themselves in any way they wish any still retain this stand.


The user exists outside of everything else meaning they are their own existence thus they are unaffected by things like stopped or sped up times. They are even immune to being removed from existence as they are not truly part of it.