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Luminous Virus
Lumen Virus
Japanese Name Luminous Virus
Romanized Name Luminous Virus
English Name Luminous Virus
Literal Meaning Luminous Virus

The Luminous Virus is a virus strand originating from the original from the meteor, it was bioengineered by Freyja.


The virus bears a very iconic appearance bearing an Ankh motif on its design.


The Luminous Virus is known as this for its unusual glow when cultivated in large enough numbers.

Stand CreationEdit

The main ability of this Virus is it's ability to awaken Stands within humans, however it differs from the original virus in that this stand is able to awaken the abilities of any human and animal exposed to them.


People who have been exposed to the virus for long enough can temporarily improve their stands abilities in a process similar to the fight or flight mechanism refered to as their Solo. By concentrating all their mental focus onto their stands when in an agitated state the Viruses within their body will temporary provide a boost to their stand powers.

A solo boosts the stands powers in their entirety and will generally grant an additional ability that functions as a direct upgrade of a previous ability, or simply an additional synergistic power.




  • The picture of the virus comes from the manga terraformars.

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