Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project (魔法少女奇妙な育成計画 Mahō Shōjo Kimyōna Ikusei Keikaku?) is a cross-over between Mahō Shōjo Ikusei Keikaku and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Plot Edit

A popular social game known as the Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project has the ability to grant players a 1-in-10000 chance of becoming a real Magical Girl trough the Bow and Arrow, granting them Stands. Each of the Magical Girls possesses a Stand and earns Magical Candies by protecting people and performing good deeds. However, at some point, the administration has decided that 16 Magical Girls in a city is too many, announcing they will cut the number by having the Magical Girl with the fewest Magical Candies each week lose their powers. As the rules of the game become more twisted, the Stand users eventually find themselves dragged into a life-or-death battle against each other.

Summary Edit

Walking Heart Edit

Joyuki Himejo is girl who likes Magical Girls, one day, playing the game Magical Girl Bizarre Raising Project, she is choose by Fav, the mascot of the game, who offers her the option to be a real Magical Girl, Joyuki accepts the offer. Suddenly, an Arrow appears on her cell phone, the Arrow bypass the screen and pierce Joyuki.

Later, Joyuki awakens after being unconscious for a time, Fav congratulates she, saying that now that she survived the Bow and Arrow test, she can be a Magical Girl using her Stand, Joyuki ask Fav what a Stand is, Fav says that a Stand is the physical manifestation of one's soul and the source of the power that the Magical Girls have, Fav ask Joyuki how she will name her Stand and which will be her Magical Girl name, Joyuki decided to call herself Snow White, naming her Stand Walking Heart.

Snow White use her Stand to help people around the city, calling other Magical Girls to meet with them, one night, she met other Magical Girl, La Pucelle, user of the Stand Boy 2 Women, Snow White asked La Pucelle why her Stand is named that way, so La Pucelle says that she knows who Snow White is, calling her JoJo, after that Snow White notes who she is, then La Pucelle reveal herself as Souta Kishibe, a boy who is Joyuki's childhood friend, so the duo decides to work together to help people as Magical Girls.

The next day, Fav says he has an important announce to tell to the 16 existing Magical Girls in the city.

Update Notice Edit

Fav states that 16 Magical Girls in the city is too much, saying that is needed to cut the number to the half, so he announces that whoever earns the fewest Magical Candies from performing good deeds each week will lose their Stand.

Souta tells Joyuki that they need to work together so both can be Magical Girl, Joyuki agrees, saying that they have to go and collect some Magical Candies.

In another place, a Magical Girl named Ripple talks with another named Top Speed, Top Speed says that if they combine their Stands, both will be able collect enough Magical Candies to continue being Magical Girls, so Ripple decides to make a team with Top Speed.

Rainy Day Dream Away Edit

Joyuki was sleeping that night, but when she heard a strange sound, she opened her eyes, and saw a Magical Girl alongside her Stand, noting that herself was transformed as a Magical Girl, the Girl asked her name, Joyuki answered she was Snow White and asked her name, she said that her name is Nemu Sanjou, but her Magical Girl name is Nemurin, Snow White then asked Nemurin where they were, Nemurin they were inside her world: the Dreamland.

Nemurin said that the Dreamland is place where everybody that is asleep can reside, but only her thanks to her Stand, Rainy Day Dream Away, can control what happens inside the world of dreams. Snow White asked Nemurin about the Magical Candies, Nemurin said that using her Stand to dispel other's nightmares, she has over 7 billions, which amazed Snow White. Nemurin said that she hopes that Snow White can have a good time as a Magical Girl just like her; Snow White then said that she has enjoyed her time as a Magical Girl and thanks Nemurin for her visit, Nemurin and Snow White wished luck to the other, and then Nemurin departed.

Nemurin decided to earn some extra candies before the week was over, so she entered the dream of a little girl, who dreamed of seeing a princess being worshiped by everyone around her. The girl wanted to become close to the princess, and Nemurin suggested that the little girl in fact should try to become like the princess instead. Worried about her decision, Nemurin encouraged her further, and the little girl accepted this decision.

The next day Fav announced that Nemurin, as the girl with the less Magical Candies, was eliminated, Snow White asked Fav how Nemurin lost if she had tons of candies, Fav then answered that the candies amounted inside the Dreamland doesn't count for the purposes of the elimination games, so Nemurin actually had 0 Magical Candies, which caused her to be eliminated.

Despite the other girls not knowing it, Nemu Sanjou was found dead in her house that day.

The Forest Musician Edit

Cranberry, also known as the Forest Musician, was talking with Fav about Nemurin's death, stating that they are one step closer to their goal, Fav says that with her Stand on his side, there is only one Magical Girl who can be a challenge for them, Cranberry says that she feels insulted, because Fav said that she had someone who can beat her, stating that she is the number one. Despite not knowing it, Fav and Cranberry were listened by two Magical Girls.

The next day, Fav announced that from now on, Magical Girls are allowed exchange Magical Candies with each other, then Ripple noted that this means that they are also able to steal each other, so Top Speed told her to calm down. A Magical Girl, Weiss Winterprison, asked Fav what happened to Nemurin, with her partner, Sister Nana, adding that the duo heard Fav talking with the Forest Musician about her death; Fav says that the Stands are, in a sense, one's soul, so if you lose your Stand, you will die.

Now being cornered into a survival game, the Magical Girl Ruler decides to make a move.

Bad Company Edit

Team Ruler, formed by five Magical Girls, (Swim Swim, Minael, Yunael, Tama and Ruler herself), and decided to steal all the Magical Candies from Snow White and La Pucelle so the team can stay as Magical Girls. Ruler used her Stand, Bad Company, to summon a group of four toy soldiers, who instructed the rest of the team to where Snow White was.

Snow White and La Pucelle noted the team arriving, where the Peaky Angels Minael and Yunael told them about the mission Ruler said, La Pucelle said that nor he nor JoJo will give up their Magical Candies, summoning her Stand to fight alongside Snow Whiite.

La Pucelle use his Stand to attack the Peaky Angels from a distance, but Minael used her Stand, Schott Key Nº1, to transform into a shield and block the attack, then Yunael used her Stand, Schott Key Nº2, to transform into a tiger and attack La Pucelle, but Snow White used Walking Heart as a shield, hurting herself in the prosses.

La Pucelle then used his Stand to attack Swim Swim, slashing one time after another trough her body, but it was useless, as Swim Swim used her Stand, Ocean Woman, to turn her body into water, then Swim Swim attacked La Pucelle, knocking him out.

The group then followed Ruler's orders to steal Snow White's candies, then Tama used her Stand, Grateful Dead, to open a hole in the floor and escape. After awakening, La Pucelle found Snow White crying, La Pucelle started to comfort her, saying that they still have time to found more candies.

Ruler removed the soldiers from the team, saying that they did a good job, until Fav made his announcement: the girl with the less Magical Candies is Ruler, and she will be eliminated. Ruler ask her team what happened, Swim Swim says that she used Ocean Woman to resist Bad Company and stole only the half of Snow White's candies and dished them among all the other Magical Girls except for Ruler, Ruler then tries to attack Swim Swim using Bad Company, but she blocked the attack with Ocean Woman, and as her time finished off, Ruler suffered a sheer heart attack, falling to the ground.

Swim Swim then states that she will be the new leader of the team, not using brain wash to have a team, but rather trusting the members, so the Peaky Angels and Tama decided to follow Swim Swim. Sanae Mokuou was found dead that day.

Team Ripple?! Edit

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison met with Ripple and Top Speed to talk about the events surrounding them: Nemurin was killed by Fav, Ruler was betrayed by her team mates and the Forest Musician is allied with Fav for some reason.

Sister Nana said that now Team Ruler is led by Swim Swim, but Ripple says that she wants to go to the point, so Winterprison says that need to work together to defeat the Forest Musician, so Top Speed asked if they wanted to make a "Team Ripple", with Sister Nana saying that if that is the way want to name it, they will. Top Speed, after thinking for a moment, declined, saying that she is busy with her own goals, then, Winterprison said that now they need to find a way to fight the Forest Musician, with Sister Nana following her. Ripple asked Top Speed if she was sure about what she was doing, so Top Speed told her to not worry about, and that all she needs is to survive another six months.

While Winterprison and Sister Nana were returning to their home, they heard a music that was calling for Winterprison, so with Sister Nana saying that music is from the Forest Musician, Winterprison said that they needed to act.

Echoes Edit

Winterprison and Sister Nana came to where Cranberry was, Cranberry geated them, saying that she was waiting for Winterprison, saying that she wants to fight a powerful Magical Girl like her, Winterprison told Sister Nana that she need to stay behind while she fights Cranberry.

Cranberry started using her Stand, Echoes, to make a strong a sound to affect Winterprison's senses, Winterprison then summoned her Stand, The Wall, which started crating walls to cover Winterprison in a shield. Cranberry then started yelling everything she does is MUDA MUDA MUDA while her Stand punched through the walls.

Sister Nana then used her Stand, Love Love Love Deluxe, to boost Winterprison's Stand, so she started crating tons of walls with her Stand to bury Cranberry, but her Stand just started destroying the walls while she was yelling MUDA, Winterprison decided to retreat, telling Sister Nana to get close, while the duo retreated, Cranberry destroyed all the walls, but then noticed that Winterprison was already gone.

Fav the appeared asking Cranberry why she hold back during her battle with Weiss Winterprison, saying that if both went all out, it would be an amazing battle, Cranberry said that she needed to test the abilities of the only Magical Girl able to her plan, then Fav said that he wasn't talking about Winterprison when he said that only one Magical Girl can stop her, so Cranberry asked who, with Fav only asking her if she have read Alice in Wonderland.

In another place, a Magical Girl was looking for Snow White, saying that she wanted to show her Stand, Killer Queen.

Boy 2 Woman Edit

La Pucelle was doing his job with Snow White helping more people to earn more Magical Candies so both can continue their dream to be Magical Girls. When the night came, around 10:00 PM, Snow White told La Pucelle that she better return home so her family will not be worried, La Pucelle agreed, saying Goodbye JoJo.

La Pucelle then told Cranberry that she does not need to hide, with the Musician showing up saying that she is amazed that a boy noticed her, La Pucelle asked how she knows his real identity, Cranberry only answered that she knows more and that if he wants to know it, he will have to show her the reason why the men are called the stronger gender.

La Pucelle then attacked using Boy 2 Woman to make his sword ten times his size, Cranberry was partially injured, and then she launched sound waves to hit La Pucelle, only for him to block them with his sword. Cranberry used her Stand to attack with a series of fast punches while yelling MUDA with every punch, La Pucelle noticed that her yells only made the punches stronger.

La Pucelle then attacked with sword cutting the part of the building they were on, Cranberry tried to move away from the building, only to be stabbed by La Pucelle. Cranberry felt to the ground of an alley, La Pucelle followed Cranberry, saying that he will protect Snow White no matter what, even if that means that he has to put his life on the line, after hearing this Cranberry asked if she really sure about that, then La Pucelle noticed the sound of a truck, he did not know where it came from, but before he could realized, Cranberry used her Stand to punch him on the face, sending flying and hitting a wall.

Cranberry then started to attack La Pucelle with a series of fast punches while yelling MUDA, while being attacked, La Pucelle started remembering that since he was kid, he liked Magical Girls, but for that he was reject by the other boys, being alienated for having different likes, and the only one that understood him was Joyuki, she was the only how he could share his likes without being judged, she was the first one to make him feel comfortable, and that he will not give up to protect her for all she did for him, even if that means that he will lose his life.

La Pucelle bleeding, with his body being on the ground after all the attacks from Cranberry, and even then, he stood again, saying that he will fight for Snow White until the end, using Boy 2 Woman to make his sword bigger than all the buildings around and rushing to attack Cranberry, just he was about to hit Cranberry with the sword, her Stand stopped it and destroyed it using sound wave, then Cranberry came closer to him and launched one last sound wave right to him.

Snow White was about to enter her home, but then she heard voice calling for her, saying one time and another JoJo, then Snow White knew La Pucelle was in troubles so she needed to hurry. While she was rushing to the place they were before, she heard La Pucelle's voice saying goodbye, and that he hopes she can survive and make her dream of being a real Magical Girl came true, also saying that he always loved her. Cranberry then noticed that La Pucelle was muttering, so she decided to end his suffering stabing him in the chest.

Snow White made it, only to find Souta's lifeless body lying on the ground, Snow White started crying telling Souta's name, blaming herself for not being able to protect herself, but she made a promise that she will survive, and she refuse to let Souta's sacrifice in vain.

Mary's Calamity Edit

Calamity Mary, user of the Stand Guns N' Roses, is a Magical Girl who works for the yakuza, usually attacking people, and having an addiction for alcohol, she is despised by most of the Magical Girls on the city.

A Magical Girl, Magicaloid 44, went to talk to Mary to see if they can work together to be free of the battle, Magicoloid offered help to Mary with her Stand Soft Machine, which allowed her to pick tools from the future, but she can only pick one per day, when she showed it to Mary, she ended having a pen that lets you draw a manga in a day, Mary took it even if it was useless for her.

When Magicaloid asked what her first job will be, Mary said that she have to kill one girl: Snow White.

A Nun in a Winter Prison Edit

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison were talking at their home in their human forms, Sister Nana is Nana Habutae, while Winterprison is her boyfriend Ash Shizuka, the duo were talking as Nana had no idea what to next now that La Pucelle is dead, Ash told her to calm down, saying that if they don't mess with Mary nor Cranberry they will be able to survive, then Ash hugged Nana saying that they need to survive, Nana started crying and Ash keep hugging her.

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison then went to meet with Magicaloid 44, who asked them if they know where Snow White is, Sister Nana said that since La Pucelle died, Snow White is nowhere to be found, Sister Nana then said that she understand how she is feeling, saying that both La Pucelle and Magicaloid were her students, Magicaloid then said that she need to continue looking for Snow White, so she went flying, Winterprison ask Nana if she really believe that Magicaloid trust then, with Nana saying that she hopes so.

Soft Machine Edit

Snow White was on the bridge, crying for La Pucelle's death, saying that Souta's death was all her guilt, and that if she wasn't useless he will be alive. Then, a black Magical Girl appeared, saying that she finally found the white Magical Girl, Snow White started to tremble as the girl started coming closer to her, showing her a rabbit’s foot and saying that her name is Hardgore Alice, only for the black Magical Girl to be beheaded, the one that made this was no other than Magicaloid 44, saying that her Soft Machine gave her an useful tool, a string made of an extremely sharp material that allows to cut easyly trough everything. Magicaloid told Snow White that she needs to kill her, coming closer her, until a hand went through her chest, killing Magicaloid, Snow White, watching Makoto Andou's death body and a black figure in front of her, fainted.

Joyuki then opened her eyes, noticing she was at her bed, wondering if all that was a dream, until she noticed a rabbit’s foot in her hand and the notice that Magicaloid was killed, Joyuki then asked herself about that Hardgore Alice.

Killer Queen Edit

Calamity Mary asked Fav about Magicaloid's status, with Fav saying that she is death, Mary then ask about Snow White, so Fav said that she is alive, so Mary ask who killed Magicaloid, Fav wonders why she is doing all these questions, so Mary says that if he doesn't answer, she will use her Guns N' Roses to kill him, so Fav says that the dark version of Alice in Wonderland killed her, and after saying that he isn't allowed to say the name, he runs away.

Hardgore Alice was looking for Snow White, saying that she wasn't to do what she wanted back then, until she is shot, when she looks to her right, she notice Calamity Mary shooting her, saying that her Guns N' Roses should be enough, Mary continues shooting until Alice's body was deformed.

Mary started to retreat, until she noticed something amazing, Alice is still alive, regenerating from her injuries, so Mary shots again until turning her body into little pieces, but Alice's body continue regenerating, so Mary then said she has to go even further.

Mary then sealed Alice's body parts inside a pail so she cannot escape and used gasoline to cover it, and shot it so it turned in fire. After a time, Alice's body was burn, but still regenerating, so Mary filled the pail with gunpowder, and start shooting at it even after it exploded. While the pail was destroyed, Alice was still regenerating. Mary then filled another pail with Alice's body and acid, and threw it to the ocean so she cannot escape. While the pail was being melted by the acid, a part of Alice's body was freed.

The next day, Mary asked Fav about Hardgore Alice's status, so Fav said she is alive, Mary, after some seconds of silence, started laughing, saying that she finally found a first-class opponent.

Black and White Edit

Snow White was walking around the city, trying to find more people to help so she can collect more Magical Candies, until she noticed a black Magical Girl, saying that it’s been a long time since she wanted to meet with the white Magical Girl Snow White, Snow White asked her who she is, so she said her name is Hardgore Alice, Snow White was in shock.

Snow White asked how she survived being beheaded, with Alice saying that is thanks to her Stand, Killer Queen, which allows her to regenerate from any injure, Alice then asked Snow White if she has her present, with Snow White showing her rabbit's foot, Alice said it is a lucky item her family had, but she wants Snow White to have it now, while saying that they will good partners, Alice runs away, leaving Snow White wondering what she meant with "partners".

Swim Swim: The Ruler Edit

Swim Swim showed her team her new weapon, a weapon created specially to fight Magical Girls, as it have a special power against Stands, Tama was crying, having a hard time to believe that Swim Swim actually spent years of her life time to buy that weapon to Fav, so the Peaky Angels asked Swim Swim if she was ok with giving away years of her life, Swim Swim said that she does not care giving away years of her life while she can stay alive.

Yunael asked Swim Swim how she will name her weapon, with Minael adding that a leader needs a cool named weapon, after thinking for a moment, Swim Swim decided the name: The Ruler, which made the other girls afraid for remembering them the name of their former leader. Swim Swim told Tama to contact Sister Nana and Winterprison, saying that she wants to demonstrate her weapon in battle.

The Wall Edit

Weiss Winterprison and Sister Nana goes to Team Ruler's base, Winterprison ask Nana why they are going, Nana says that Tama told them to go, maybe Swim Swim wants to talk something important with them, maybe even joining them to fight the Forest Musician, but Winterprison tells Nana to stop being so naïve.

Sister Nana and Weiss Winterprison made it to the base, and Nana ask Swim Swim about what she wants, Swim Swim tells them that she bought an special to fight Stands, Nana ask Swim Swim what does she mean, Swim Swim says that she wants to use it first on them. In that moment, another Sister Nana appears, jumping over the original Nana, making her roll over the place, Winterprison tries to see who is the original, as both of them pledge her help, until one them takes a knife an attacks Winterprison, revealing herself as Yunael.

Weiss Winterprison use The Wall to launch Sister Nana out of the place, telling her to take care, the Peaky Angels and Swim Swim start getting closer to Winterprison, as he is alone now. Winterprison use The Wall to create a maze, leaving Team Ruler confuse, until Winterprison gets closer to Yunael, thanking for not keeping Nana's appearance, Winterprison then takes Yunael by the head, slamming her against the wall, and killing her.

Weiss Winterprison notes that now she only have to left, being worried about Nana, he starts remembering when Nana trained La Pucelle and Magicaloid, remembering when Magicaloid tried to sell an insect gender identifier to Nana, La Pucelle warned her that it was a trick, but Nana bought it anyways, she was so naïve, he also remembers how close he and La Pucelle were, in the bottom of his heart, he knew La Pucelle was a boy, but he never told him.

As Weiss Winterprison starts looking for the other Peaky Angel, the wall behind him starts breaking, noticing it was Swim Swim, who starts using The Ruler to attack Winterprison, Winterprison gets heavily injured, summoning The Wall to defend himself, but it was useless, The Ruler is able to attack Stands, with a last slash, Swim Swim kills Winterprison.

Ash Shizuka's body was lying in the ground, Swim Swim says that it is weird for a boy to be a Magical Girl, meanwhile, Minael starts crying over Yuna Amasato's body, and both Tama and Nana cry over all the deaths that happened.

Fav informs Cranberry that Winterprison has been killed by Swim Swim, Cranberry then wonders how Swim Swim was able to kill someone like Winterprison, saying that she is interested in fighting her in the future.

Highway Star vs. Guns N' Roses (Part 1) Edit

Characters Edit

Name Stand Role
Snow White Walking Heart Main Protagonist
Ripple Ball Breaker Main Protagonist
La Pucelle Boy 2 Woman Main Ally
Top Speed Highway Star Main Ally
Hardgore Alice Killer Queen Main Ally
Sister Nana Love Love Love Deluxe Neutral (Ally to Winterprison)
Weiss Winterprison The Wall Neutral (Ally to Sister Nana)
Nemurin Rainy Day Dream Away Neutral
Magicaloid 44 Soft Machine Neutral
Calamity Mary Guns N' Roses Antagonist
Ruler Bad Company Antagonist
Minael Schott Key Nº1 Antagonist
Yunael Schott Key Nº2 Antagonist
Tama Grateful Dead Antagonist
Swim Swim Ocean Woman Main Antagonist
Cranberry Echoes Main Antagonist
Fav True Main Antagonist

Trivia Edit

  • The role of Main Protagonist is possessed by both Snow White and Ripple, just like in Steel Ball Run that role was possessed by both Johnny and Gyro.
  • The role of Main Antagonist is possessed by both Swim Swim and Cranberry, despite the True Main Antagonist being Fav.

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