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Magnus Svensson
Japanese Name マグナス・スヴェンサン
Romanized Name Magunasu Suvensan
English Name Magnus Svensson (Viz Media)
Birth Name Magnus Svensson
Namesake Magnus Karlsson
Stand D.M.S.R.
Age 20
Birthday October 22
Zodiac Sign Libra
Gender Male
Height 200 cm
Weight 90 kg.
Blood Type O
Nationality Swedish
Hair Color Multi
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Movie Jaws
Favorite Food Palt
Favorite Actor Silvester Stalone
Favorite Animal Peacock
Favorite Flower Aechmea
Favorite Musician Led Zeppelin
Occupation Student
Hobbies Training
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyuu Wataru Hatano
Voice Actor J. Michael Tatum (English Dub)

—Magnus Svensson

Magnus Svensson (マグナス・スヴェンサン, Magunasu Suvensan?), is a main protagonist of Steampunk Desire, and a powerful ally to Giotto and and his group

Magnus was initially the heir to a line of royals and Sweden. However, Magnus realized how badly his people were treated by his family, Magnus attempted to stop it, and was exiled. Magnus became a stowaway on a ship and found his way to Japan. Upon reaching Japan, he was found and taken in by Shiki as a student in the ways of the Ripple. Magnus trained for thirteen years, eventually becoming an extremely proficient user of the Ripple.

Shiki then taught Magnus one last thing, about his Stand, which Magnus initially thought was nothing but a guardian spirit. He appropriately named it D.M.S.R. and began traveling the world on his own to discover more about himself, his Stand, and the world itself. Eventually, upon receiving a call from Shiki regarding Giotto and Aaron, he quickly made his way to Texas in order to help them.


—Magnus Svensson

Magnus is a very tall man, standing at 200 cm (6'7), with an extremely muscular physique, and a sharp face, thus making him tallest, and most muscular of the group. He has piercing blue, slanted eyes, and what people refer to as "beautiful" eyelashes. On his back, he has numerous scars from battles he has engaged in with a briefly re-awakened Santana. His most notable feature, is his hair, as hair is extremely is long, and it flows downwards with an array of colors, from white, blue, green and pink along each strand. Upon fully utilizing the Ripple, his hair becomes golden.

His choice of attire is comprised of a long-sleeve, v-neck pink shirt, which he covers with a v-neck navy vest with a pink trim. On his arms he wears bands which extend from his wrist to the top of his forearms. The bands are the same color as his vest, navy, with the same pink trim. Around his waist, he has a light pink sash, with his pants being the same shade of pink as his undershirt. On his shins, he wears the same kind of band that's on his forearms, navy with a pink trim, and his shoes are hot pink with a slight heel.

As a child he wore "Royal" clothing, consisting of a white button down shirt and black slacks, along with black dress shoes. Upon training with Shiki in the ways of the ripple, he donned a blue v-neck gui with no undershirt. A pink dōgi, and pink boots. On his wrists he wore pink sweatbands, and his hair was much shorter, but still long.


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