Mannish Man
Namesake Mannish Boy
Stand Death Thirteen
Age 25
Birthday 1987
Gender Male
Height 180 cm.
Weight 90 kg.
Nationality Indian
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Yellow
Favorite Movie Freddy Krueger
Favorite Musician Muddy Waters
Occupation Kira's Servant
Seiyuu Yuji Kishi

Mannish Man is an antagonist in Yoshikage Kira's Quiet Life. A sadisctic killer, he is a servant to Kira.

Appearance Edit

Mannish is a man of above average height and build. He has clothes that cover all his body and a smoke mask, leaving his actual appearance unknown.

Past Edit

He has the same past as his main series countrapart

At some point, Mannish moved to Japan, with a new family that adopted him. Mannish was feared in his school, with the legend saying that if you got closer to him while sleeping, you will be attacked by a shinigami.

Mannish used the fear his classmates had to control them, showing no mercy to them. As Mannish was a genius, he graduated early from school.

Kira heard the rumors surrounding him and contact him, Mannish outsmarted Kira, knowing from the beginning he was a Stand user and needed help, anyway, Mannish also knew that Kira was killer, and joined him for that reason.

Mannish bought the suit and smoke mask with Kira's money, and then bought his sleeping gas grenades.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the third of Kira's Servant to join the group.

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