Mask Off
Eyes the same together
Japanese Name 目と同じ
English Name Mask Off
User Joshua Joestar
Namesake Mask Off by Future
Destructive Power A → B
Speed A → B
Range C → D
Durability A → C
Precision A → B
Developmental Potential A → D

Mask Off is the Stand used by Joshua Joestar in Jojo's Odd Adventure from Part 2 to Part 4. It has the same stat distribution of Star Platinum with its weak point being Range.


Mask Off has the power of Portal Creation, meaning it can create two different portals, one blue one orange, both linked together. If you threw an apple through the blue portal, it would come out the orange portal. This is very good for ranged attacks as well as moving around. To place portals, Mask Off has to "throw" balls that spread on the surface it touches as a portal. Meaning if the orange ball misses, the user has to wait another 10 seconds before he can throw another orange portal.

Eyes the same separate

Mask Off can also separate from each other to form Eyes Apart, which has a different stat distribution

  • Power: A → B
  • Speed: A → B
  • Range: C → B
  • Durability: A → B
  • Precision: A → B
  • Potential: A → B

With Eyes Apart, the Blue Stand can throw orange portals and the Orange Stand can throw blue portals, and the two together can be used to perform powerful "team" attacks, when really its just the same stand split apart.

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