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Master Puppet
Master of Pupets
Japanese Name Master Puppet
User Bjorg
Namesake Master of Puppets Album/Song by Metallica.)
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range A
Durability C
Precision E
Developmental Potential C

Master Puppet is the Luminous Virus generated stand of Bjorg.


Master Puppet appears as pale humanoid entity with sharp claws and dark clothes patterned with eyes to anyone that sees it.


Master Puppet mimics the actions and words of all those that it affects.


  • Empathic Strings: Master puppet is able to create strings from the tip of her fingers that attach to objects, people or stands linking them and the stand while severing the link Master Puppet has with Bjorg becoming entirely disconnected from them. Victims who have the strings attached to them will have Master Puppet as their new stand but she will only mimic their moves, any damage inflicted to Master Puppet will also hurt the victim. Master Puppets can only be sent away or made invisible by Bjorg herself.
  • Temperament: Any atempts at severing the strings will result in Master Puppet becoming enraged and turn on the thing it was attached to, even if done by external means or a third party. Master Puppet will then utilize it's stats to physically assault the victim.
  • Cloning: Master puppet can be recreated the moment it attaches its string to another entity and be reused by Bjorg.

Master Puppet's Solo

Uncertain if ??? can use it.