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  • Surprised this Wiki doesn't have more activity to it. Does this operate like other fanons or is it one storyline?

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    • Perhaps that's a bigger step than most are willing to take. But I've learnt to enjoy creating my work without expecting others to see it or do the same. It's gratifying nonetheless, and I have fun making it.

      And as such, I hope you enjoy creating as well here.

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    • It's a ncie way to go about it, and I approcate it. Have a look at the page I'm working on if you like. I'd be interested in your thoughts once there's a bit more on it.

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  • Hello, i was wondering if we're allowed to use canon names or names derived from them and some canon Stands, i wanna make a story with a lot of callbacks names for example but having some canon Stands would be a pretty cool addition to it too 

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