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Meteor Alpha

Super Meteor Alpha

Hyper Meteor Alpha

Japanese Name メタートン (Metāton)
English Name Mettaton
User Green sans
Anime Debut KKBA FJ Episode ??
Destructive Power Island level (base)
Planet level (ex)
Multi-verse level (neo)
Speed Massively Hypersonic (base)
FTL (ex)
Massively FTL+ (neo)
Range 500 km (base)
70,000 km (ex)
Multi-versal (neo)
Durability Island level (base)
Planet level (ex)
Multi-verse level (neo)
Precision A+ (base)
AAA+ (ex)
OP as fuck (neo)
Developmental Potential Island level (base)
Planet level (ex)
Multi-verse level (neo)

Mettaton (メタートン Metāton) is the Stand of Green sans, featured in KiraKira's Bizarre Adventure: Fallen Justice.



When in battle, its Stand cry is communicated by Shinado himself, and consists of "SUBA-SUBA-SUBA-SUBARASHII!" (素晴素晴素晴素晴らしい!), derived from the Japanese word 素晴らしい(Subarashī), meaning "fabulous"; it is therefore often translated as "FABU-FABU-FABU-FABULOUS!".


Base Mettaton can destroy Japan, Mettaton EX - entire planet and Mettaton NEO - 8 universes.


ability to be a shit oc

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