After the fallout 7 zeus by titanslicer-d3fy9bi
English Name Midnight

Introduction Edit

Midnight is the stand of >insert<.

Appearance Edit

Midnight appears to be a giant white male with long white locks. Midnight normally appears sitting in his throne.

Personality Edit

Midnight has no personality.

Abilities Edit

  • Aether Manipulation
    • Omnificence
    • Primordial Force Manipulation
      • Astral Manipulation
      • Cosmic Manipulation
      • Elemental Manipulation
      • Energy Manipulation
      • Life-Force Manipulation
      • Positive Forces Manipulation
    • Subjective Reality
  • Nether Manipulation
    • Apocalyptic Force Manipulation
      • Chaos Manipulation
      • Dark Energy Manipulation
      • Death-Force Manipulation
      • Disaster Manipulation
      • Negative Forces Manipulation
      • Spiritual Force Manipulation
    • Absolute Destruction
    • Supernatural Manipulation
  • Transcendent Physiology
    • Alpha Reality
    • Causality Manipulation
    • Energy/Extrasensory Perception
    • Ethereal Physiology
    • Freedom
    • Higher Consciousness
    • Immortality
    • Invulnerability
    • Maximum Quintessential Control
    • Omnifarious
    • Omnikinesis
    • Omnipathy
    • Phenomenon Manipulation
      • Phenomenon Inducement
    • Meta Power Manipulation
    • Mystic Derivation
      • Meta Magic
      • Omni-Magic
    • Supernatural Condition

Weaknesses Edit

Midnight is alergic to beans.

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