—Moon River's Stand Cry

Moon River
Japanese Name 月川(ムーンリバー)
English Name Moonlight Stream
User Ruki Makino
Namesake Moon River (A song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics written Johnny Mercer)
Seiyuu Fumiko Orikasa
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range C
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential D

Moon River (月川(ムーンリバー) Mūn Ribā) is the Stand of veteran Tamer Ruki Makino, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

As written in one of Ruki's journal entries, she dubbed her Stand as The Moonlight Sorceress because of its witch-like appearance.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Moon River takes shape as a humanoid Stand that bears a very distinctive semblance of a witch. The general build of this Stand approaches to a slender, lithe, and a curvaceously-developed form. On top of its head is the trademark witch's hat, along with a ying-yang symbol emblazoned on the middle and a bell chime attached to the very tip. Its face dons a festive domino mask added with black and white feathers on the left and right sides respectively, that highlights its mystical and sharp icy blue eyes,.

Like Kings & Queens, Moon River sports a violet cloak attached to a collar housing an amethyst gem on the middle, that emits bright purple flames on the ends and the underside exhibits a prominence of a bright glow of the same color as the flames that lit on the ends of its cape. Additionally, it has a sleeveless, calf-length coat bearing the kanji for moon () inscribe on the very center, in a perpetual glow of pinkish-violet. To add more about the Stand's mystical appearance, it also has a pair of detached, separate, and long bell sleeves with both hands donning clawed gloves having the very point of the fingertips casually flaming.

Abilities Edit

  • Moonlight Control: Moon River's basic ability. True to its namesake as the Moonlight Sorceress, she has direct control over the moon and the aspects strongly related to its presence.
    • Temporary Eclipse: Moon River can influence a lunar eclipse for a duration lasting only 55~ seconds within a wide range, giving a realistic impression that nighttime has immediately fallen despite being sometime during the day. Within the eclipse-affected vicinity, the Stand becomes much stronger than it was due to the exposure of moonlight, and any nocturnal creature, such as an owl, will soon wake up from their diurnal slumber to faithfully meet any commands Moon River has issued to them, with them having been significantly enhanced by the moon's capabilities as an added bonus. The water temperature has become so frigid that anything dipped down is immediately encased in a shell of ice upon resurfacing. This is Ruki's least used Stand ability as forcing nighttime to last as long as 55 seconds is incredibly taxing to her, both physically and mentally.
  • Weakness Point: Moon River sets a weak point on the indicative part where she landed the blow of the target in question.
    • Spiritual Separation: Moon River causes the part which the weak point was displaced to function against the person's will. For example, if the weak point has been placed somewhere in the arm region, then the Stand's ability can make that arm go berserk, eventually causing harm to its own body. When functioning, the part will nullify any damage, directly transferring the force equivalent to the attack meant to the main body itself and when Ruki ceases the affected body part to function, the person will temporarily lose control of that part within a set period of time.
    • Damage Multiplier: As a weak point has been implement on the intended target, Ruki can simply use this to exploit and worsen the damage done by her Stand's attacks. However, only Moon River's physical attacks can only have its damage amplified.
  • Supernatural Strength: Moon River exhibits deadly attack power far beyond human capability, making it capable of crushing most durable objects into pieces with ease. Her user's diary has taken record of the moment that the Stand was able to break through an undisclosed Digimon's defensive skin with a barrage of hand chops, said to be in the same level of durability as diamond itself. The witch Stand was able to lift and throw a humanoid Digimon with one hand, then proceed to punch his abdomen after falling down. Her strength would also go far as to shatter reinforced titanium done by an enemy Stand.
  • Supernatural Speed: Moon River can reach speeds that can intercept bullets, catching them in the process even while her mistress lethargically passes by a storm of bullets or any similar projectile coming right in front at her, only to be stopped by her Stand's spontaneous reflexes. Like the respective Stands her mistress' children possess, Nevermind usually pulls off a barrage of clawing strikes within less than few seconds

Trivia Edit

  • Moon River's moon-based abilities allude to Renamon and her respective line's strong connections with the night.

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