You're not takin' me anywhere, pig! My Nickelback will put so many holes in you, you'll look like a punched train ticket!

—Randall while fighting Dylan and Quentin

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Japanese Name ニケルバック
English Name Four Quarters
User Randall Chad
Namesake Nickelback (Canadian rock band)
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range D
Durability D
Precision A
Developmental Potential C

Nickelback (ニケルバック "Nikerubakku") is the stand of Randall Chad, featured in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged".


Nickelback is a skinny black-colored stand with gold lines running along the outlines of his hands and feet. It has three silver crescent-shaped fins on top of its head and silver spikes on its shoulders and down its arms. On its back, it has a large silver "5¢" marking. Its face consists of two silver circles serving as the eyes with $ signs in them, and a horizontal coin-slot mouth. It has vertical coin-slots in between its fingers for coins to be summoned and locked in.


Nickelback doesn't necessarily have a personality, but acts like Randall does, and follows orders unquestioningly. It sometimes mimics Randall's movements as a taunt.

Its Stand cry is "CHACHACHACHA" and finishes with "CHA-CHING!"


Nickelback's abilities allows it to thrive in urban settings. In more remote battlefields, its abilities are dependent on whether or not Randall has enough change stockpiled on his person. Its base destructive power, however, allows it to handle itself in combat even without coins.

Coin Summoning

Within a large radius (approximately 2.5 acres, or one city block), Nickelback can summon coins from people's purses, pockets, or wallets. When summoned, the coin disappears from the container and slides out into the coin slots on Nickelback's hands or out of its mouth. Usually, Randall keeps a large amount of coins on him at all times, especially after joining Joshua's group.

Coin Weaponization

Nickelback is able to use coins to fight opponents. It does this in various ways, such as locking them into its hand-slots for use as brass knuckles, magnetizing them into a stack for use as a staff, or loading many into its slots and swiping its hands to eject them like throwing stars. It can even fire them like a spread rail gun out of its mouth and make them spin like saws in its hand-slots.


Nickelback can magnetize itself and anything it touches, which allows it to stack coins into a staff or attach makeshift armor to itself. This magnetism does not affect other stands.