Nine Inch Nails
Japanese Name ナイン・インチュ・ネイルズ
English Name Ten Inch Spikes (Localized)
User Bunjiro Kashino
Namesake Nine Inch Nails (American rock band)
Manga Debut JJAA: DiU, Chapter 16 "Soul'd Out, Part 2"
Anime Debut JJAA: DiU, Episode 16 "Soul'd Out, Part 2"
Destructive Power A
Speed A
Range E
Durability B
Precision A
Developmental Potential D
Nine Inch Nails (ナイン・インチュ・ネイルズ "Nain Inchu Nairuzu") is the Stand of Bunjiro Kashino, it appears in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

Appearence Edit

Nine Inch Nails is a tall humanoid figure, it is mostly grey and wears a vest, pants and a helmet with 6 eye holes.

Its body is covered in long spikes which it uses to attack its enemies, they are mostly on NIN's back and head, making them look like hair.

Personality Edit

Nine Inch Nails seems to decide whether it wants to fight or not, if it decides to not do it, it just crouches down and sits near its user, doing nothing, if it actually does want to fight, it obeys all of its user's orders until it's all done, then it dissapears on its own until it's needed again.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Precision: NIN can throw objects with extreme precision, it always hits whatever it's aiming at.

Voodoo Nails: The nails on NIN's body can be thrown at enemies, if it sticks to a person, any damage done to Bunjiro or NIN will go back to that person and vice versa, this is, obviously, a double edged sword as, to do more damage, Bunjiro would have to hurt himself badly, which could end up killing him, this ability is mostly used as a torture device to, slowly but surely, make the affected opponent give up.

When it reappears in the end of Vento Aureo, Bunjiro uses this ability and slices his own neck to try and kill Neapolito.

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