I've been hired to kill you, and that's exactly what I'll do. No Future will make sure of that.

—Max Pax confronting the JoJo group

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No Future
Japanese Name ノー・フューチャー
English Name Bleak Future
User Max Pax
Namesake No Future (blink-182 song)
Destructive Power B
Speed A
Range B
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential D

No Future (ノー・フューチャー "Nō Fuyūchā") is the Stand of Max Pax, featured in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Mask King Avenged".


No Future is a sleek Stand, with a close resemblance to a ninja. It hides its face and head with a sash, only revealing its black eyes with red irises. Its body is robotic, wearing a tunic on its upper body and sweatpants on its lower. Its feet are curved and pointed at the tips, and it is completely white with black joints between its head and torso, arm segments, and fingers. It carries its weapon in a sheath on its left hip. The sheath is black with red tips, and the sword itself is a katana with a white handle and cyan hilt. The blade is black.


No Future seems as sadistic as its User does, taking what appears to be pleasure in cutting down its targets.

Its Stand Cry is "SHEEEYAAAAAAA".


No Future has an ability set completely centered around freezing and predicting enemy movements, making it a strategic Stand to counter. Even team attacks can prove to be difficult to pull off due to its speed and precision.


No Future uses its sword to freeze an enemy in place, trapping them in a moment. When struck or released, they have no memory of being frozen. It can freeze multiple enemies at a time.


When it freezes any enemy, No Future can give Max a glimpse of what their next move will be if they are not interrupted when unfrozen, allowing him to set up traps or surprise attacks.


Can reverse a targets timeline to return them to where they were up to a minute ago.