November Rain
Japanese Name ノーベンバー レイン
English Name Nōbenbā rein
User Madonna Carrie
Namesake November Rain (Gun N'Roses song)
Manga Debut Ch.X, Following the track, part X!
Destructive Power E
Speed C
Range A(50m)
Durability A
Precision D
Developmental Potential E
Sorry, Giovanna. I'm not much of a fighter. I guess you can call me... An informant.

—Madonna to Giovanna.

November Rain(ノーベンバー レイン; Nōbenbā rein) is the Stand of Madonna Carrie, featured in GioJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vortice Argento.

Appearance Edit


November Rain's "clones".

November Rain has no define shape or form since itself is more of a viscoelastic goo of black matter than anything else, Standong roughly 30cm when fully "up".

When in action, however, it can change its shape to smaller, multiple copies of itself that resembles small black tadpoles with a single visible eye on their "heads" and stubby arms and tails instead of legs.

Personality Edit

November Rain has no distinguished personality aside from obeying its master, although occasionally it'll mutter a "chi~" sound from itself, which is the japanese sound effect for small animals. Some degree of intelligence is also shown when on mission, as a few of its "offsprings" will target its victim, while others will search for any event that might compromise a certain strategy.

Abilities Edit

November Rain is a long-ranged stand that can divide its gelatinous body into 86 smaller copies of itself.

  • Information gathering: November Rain's main ability is to follow a target under Madonna's Command and extract information about it and its surroundings. By crawling onto walls, ceilings or even disguising itself as shadows, November Rain's clones will search for and crawl onto their target while others will patrol possible threats from the surroundings, downloading all the information their gather on Madonna's phone, such as the victim's height, weight, what they have on their pockets, wallet, if they're Stand Users or not and so on. It is noted, however, that unlike other Ranged colony stands like Harvest, November Rain cannot harm its victims, only gather information from.
  • Durability: While not a combat-oriented Stand, for being a colony-type long-ranged stand, plus their own viscous form, November Rain is a highly durable stand, and any harm coming to it will have no effect on its user Madonna. Ripping the Stand piece by piece when its primary form, hoiwever, will harm her.
  • World Interaction: Unlike other Stands, November Rain is visible for the ordinary eye and can interact with the world around it as a physical being. Despite not being a combat-oriented Stand, it can spread its black form through walls and block light sources in a area of 10m², causing total darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • Images used are from the Mimihagi God from the Bleach series.
  • This is the author's first non-combatant stand.

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