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Null Void is the stand used by Kyo Kuto.

Null Void
Japanese Name ナル・ボイド (Nuruboido)
English Name Null Void
User Kyo Kuto
Namesake Song (
Destructive Power A
Speed B
Range C
Durability C
Precision A
Developmental Potential C



Null void is shown as a friend of Kyo as he posses his own mind and conscious allowing him to have conversation with Kyo via brain waves, as well as expressing his own input on a topic. He acts gloomy at times, but gets angered when he is looked down upon by other's. He listens to Kyo when he tells him what to do, but see's it as a partnership and not slavery. He is sometimes unprepared as Kyo jumps into battle but he is quite adaptive on the field as he reads his opponents moves and finds ways to counter attack. He plans ahead quite a bit hoping to catch the opponent off guard. He communicates in battle with Kyo to help them form plans of attack. He does not control his movements during battle and relies on Kyo to fight. He is not very emotional at all and cares not for small talk.

His stand cry is "NullNullNull!" It is short for the word Nullification meaning the act of cancelling something.


Super Strength / Precision - It posses incredible strength as shown when he was able to punch down three walls to pieces to get inside a prison. Its precision is great enough to allow him to take off a fly's wings out of the air without taking touching there bodies.

Nullification - It can stop any stand from using its ability with mere contact of the user or stands body on the enemy user or stand.

Void Theft - Allows the stand to use the ability of the stand it is nullifying at that moment. The ability will be half as strong as the original so if its Dio the world it would only let null void stop time for 5 seconds instead of 10. He will lose the ability the moment he lets go of the stand or user even if time is stopped he will immediately lose the ability and it will stop working.