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Ode To Joy
Ode To Joy
Japanese Name Ode To Joy
User JòJò
Namesake None
Destructive Power C
Speed C
Range C
Durability C
Precision C
Developmental Potential C

Ode To Joy is JòJò's stand that arose from the exposure to the Luminous Virus.


Ode To Joy appears as fully human entity with very intricate, even downright impossible, articles of clothing and accessories in her possession.


Ode To Joy has no apparent personality as the only thing it ever does is smile gently.


  • Median Attributes: Ode To Joy's stats are all C making her average in everything she can do.
  • Arithmetic Average: Ode To Joy's main power is the ability to make any and all actions only "happen at half power" by reducing it into it's arithmetical average outcome (this arises by using the end result of an action and the original state of any entity before the action takes place). Ode To Joy can reduce any event and action it into an arithmetically average version of itself by rewriting the very laws of the world.
    • Accidental Erasure: Any action that cannot be reduced into an arithmetical average will instead be completely negated because the rewriting occurs before the end result is confirmed, and if there is no possible average result then the end result is simply sent into an infinite loop negating it's existence entirely.


  • Imposing Existence: Ode To Joy's Solo power is its ability to make its own powers take place over any other. Irregardless of the enemy stand's powers and effects Ode To Joy's own powers will always take place if Ode To Joy desires it to even if reality itself is affected Ode To Joy has supremacy in power application.

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