Let me tell you, these apples here on earth, far better than any sweet I've had on my home planet. I especially love the so called, "Macintosh" apples. The only thing stopping me from eating the entire thing all at once, however, are the seeds in the center. These seeds are filled with cyanide, poisonous to us. That is my relationship with this planet here, the only thing stopping me right now from taking control of this entire planet are you few "Stand Users" that are in my way.

—Overlegen addressing Jolly Jonut and his gang

Evil dude jojo
Japanese Name 優れました
Romanized Name Ovalegen
English Name Overlegen
Birth Name Overlegen The 8th
Namesake "Superior" in Danish
Stand In The End
Age 251
Birthday April 20th (Hitler's Birthday)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender ???
Height 7'
Weight 250 lbs
Blood Type Hydrochloric Acid
Nationality Sta Oprindelse
Race Alien
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color Clear
Favorite Movie 2012
Favorite Food Macintosh Apples
Favorite Actor Chris Pratt
Favorite Sportsman Michael Jordan
Affiliation Sta Oprindelse Military
Occupation Absolute Emperor; General
Hobbies Climbing
Game Debut Jojo's Odd Adventure: Stars of Earth

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