Paranoid Android
Japanese Name ペアアノイッド・アンドロイッド
English Name Para-Droid (Localized)
User Nena Speedwagon
Namesake Paranoid Android (Song by Radiohead)
Destructive Power C
Speed A
Range E
Durability B
Precision B
Developmental Potential A
Paranoid Android (ペアアノイッド・アンドロイッド "Peaanoiddo Andoroiddo") Is the Stand of Nena Speedwagon, it is featured in Jojo's Alternate Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.


Paranoid Android, as implied by the name, is a humanoid robot, its head resembles a skull with the back of its head opened up. The rest of PA's body also resembles a skeleton, with fully closed ribs and a visible spine, thin arms and two forearm bones, same with its legs.

Paranoid Android has high-heels with small wheels in them, however, they are of no use at all.


Due to its skeleton-like body and, in turn, thin limbs, PA is not as strong as most humanoid Stands, its abilities are mostly used to defend those around Nena.

Partial Teleportation: Paranoid Android is able to transform its user in small metallic cubes that are controlled by the user's consciousness, which is transferred to the Stand. This ability is mostly used for travelling around much faster by flying around.

Metal Constructs: The cubes can be molded back into other objects to hide or protect Nena and her friends, the objects are fully made of metal and Nena can remake herself safely, but cannot use Paranoid Android's abilities again until the object is brought down.

If one of the cubes is destroyed mid-flight, that chunk of Nena's body is gone forever, a metal crater is left in her skin where that piece would've been, if most of them are destroyed, Nena is essentially dead, as she cannot reform into a human, but Paranoid Android is still able to function normally and if an object is created, Nena's consciousness will be in that object.


  • Nena may look tough, but her Stand reflects her more caring side and the fact that she is actually not that strong.