Anything turned into a bird by Songbird's ability has two uses: Something to be controlled or be used as faraway telescopes.
My father already paid for this shit and why the bloody devil's the cable not popping up?! Mama wants some sweaty, burly men fighting to the death!!
Peggy Steel
Japanese Name ペギースチール
Romanized Name Pegi Suchiru
Birth Name Peggy Alexandra C. Steel
Namesake Peg (A Steely Dan song)

Steely Dan (An American jazz-rock band)

Stand Songbird
Age 16
Birthday April 27
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Height 5'10
Weight 55 kg
Blood Type A
Nationality British
Race Human
Hair Color Titanium Blonde
Eye Color Aquamarine
Favorite Color White
Favorite Movie Les Miserable
Favorite Food Crumpets
Favorite Animal Swan
Favorite Musician Judy Collins
Favorite Sportsman John Cena
Occupation Heiress


Hobbies Collecting tea sets & participating parlor games
Relatives Maximilian Steel (Father)

Amelia Steel (Mother)

Seiyuu Pile
Voice Actor Caitlin Glass
Peggy Steel is a major character and a core ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Digital Breakdown.

The sole heiress to the Steel family's fortune and the resident driver for her closest companions, Peggy usually joins in the twins' involvement with the bizarre series of events circulating throughout the city dealing with enemy Stand users and Stand-wielding Digimon.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Peggy stands in as a young lady of sophisticated manner, possessing a slender build along with a relatively beautiful facade. She has long flowing platinum blonde hair pulled back in an off-center ponytail towards the right, filigree along the ends, piercing aquamarine eyes, black eyelashes, and fair complexion. Depending on her style, she might use pinkish-violet nail polish to beautify her nails.

Primary Edit

As the heiress of a noble heritage, Peggy has her selection of clothing within the boundaries that fuses both classy and casual. Her usual outfit includes a beige, long-sleeved bolero jacket, consisting of only two buttons that fasten the jacket together and on the back bears an insignia shaped like a crown, indicating her wealthy status, fingerless pink/white gloves, and compliments by an orange inner layer, worn over a yellowish-gold, frilly, turtleneck blouse embroidered with black hemline and a curving pattern of flower-like designs on the bottom left side of the blouse.

Additional clothing includes a pair of black leggings secured by a white belt embellished with pink details in the form of wavy lines. Black socks that blend well with the material of the leggings that it gives the impression of being a part with the leggings itself. Adding to the finishing touches to her clothes are orange ballet sneakers with a soft blue sole and complimentary details assuming the style of flowers on the sides.

As for accessories, a set of swan-shaped earrings with sapphire encrustations can be seen on her earlobes, not for the sake of showing her aristocratic heritage but her fascinations for swans. A necklace with swan pendant, spreading its wings, is worn around her neck.


Just like Juno, Peggy sports the mandatory school uniform whenever classes are going on. She gets to keep her gloves, as she thinks it makes her look more "badass" while wearing something as boring as a school uniform. Her earrings and necklace are retained while donning the required attire for school hours.

Personality Edit


Powers & Abilities Edit

Songbird Edit


Tactical Prowess Edit


Gymnastics Proficiency Edit


Driving Intuition Edit


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