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Piero Zeppeli
Japanese Name ピーロー・ツェペリ
Romanized Name Piiroo Tseperi
English Name Pierro Zeppeli (Viz Media)
Stand Hotel California
Age 17
Birthday 18 April
Chinese Zodiac Aries
Gender Male
Height 170 cm.
Weight 55 kg.
Blood Type B
Nationality Italian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Amber
Favorite Color Fool's Gold
Favorite Movie Moulin Rouge!
Favorite Animal Liger
Favorite Flower Hydrangea
Occupation Bodyguard
Relatives Fiore Zeppeli (twin sister)
Manga Debut SU Chapter 4
An Invitation From Speedwagon (2)
Seiyuu Akira Ishida
It is how it should be.


Piero Zeppeli (ピーロー・ツェペリ Piiroo Tseperi?) is a central character and core ally in Standpunk Underground. A member of the Zeppeli family, he and his sister Fiore trained in the use of the Ripple from an early age and eventually became members of the Speedwagon Foundation. Entering the mysterious new sport of underground Stand fighting, they eventually heard through the grapevine of Seiji Kamijou, the latest descendent of the Joestar bloodline. Though reluctant to give him aid, Piero and Fiore would agree to ally with him in order to uncover the mysterious Judas Priest and the motives of the sport's organizer, Dante Inferiro Orlandrius. Eventually befriending Seiji, Piero becomes one of his closest allies and best friend over the course of the story.

Described as the last Ripple master, his Stand is Hotel California, unique in its ability to use and conduct Hamon like a human being.



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